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  • TrazorBones

    Hip-hop in Iceland? Hehehe...pretty bad to be honest. Not many that are making rap, and those who are..make kindof Lil Wayne/Kanye West(ish) type of "rap". That pretty much sums it up. Heheh.. But of course there is some nice stuff. The old stuff from the late 90's or so. I always liked this one >> . And it's in English too, so you might like it. It's very old. From one of Icelands first Hip Hop albums. :D hehehe..

    10 Jun 10:53am Reply
  • LikeDuff

    hahahaha keep trying

    27 May 8:51pm Reply
  • KDgoHARD

    What's up thx for the add people from all over love our music check it out

    27 May 7:48pm Reply
  • manymalone

    Don't worry about it, It's ok dude ;D!

    27 May 4:19pm Reply
  • LimpingLime

    There once was a cheesy noodle who hailed from a faraway land. He didn't know how to drive a car, so he galloped on his hyena all the way to Hawaii. The other spicy noodles made fun of him because he was cheesy. If this story moved your heart, please let me use your bathroom. Together we can stop racism. Can I count on you?

    23 May 4:35am Reply
  • OneBeLoTheWorld

    I know! Without my compliment, you would never be proud of your charts. Now it's time to check out other users' charts that are dedicated to me.

    18 May 8:00pm Reply
  • nicorebel

    greetings from west london - you have fab taste in music

    16 May 11:56am Reply
  • jensyao

    The server is down for me to send updates, so click here for the rest of the update If you haven't got it already, here's the pre-Life is Good mixtape Nas - The Don of All Dons (Best of 2012) some other ones on there too Nas - Half Hood/Half Class (Best of 2011) Nas - Hood Opulent (Best of 2010) 50 Things You Didn't Know About Nas Genocide Highway w/M1 Mary J. Blige - Feel Inside (Remix) [feat. Nas & Nicki Minaj]

    16 Dec 2012 Reply
  • TrazorBones

    Great music taste mate. It's very diverse. I like that!!

    16 Dec 2012 Reply
  • greglypoop123

    hey there fellow music lover- bike thief (im the violist/violinist) just released our debut album, so pretty pretty please take a listen! its only 26 mins, so id recommend waiting till you have a sufficient moment and listening the whole way through- 'cause it flows so well and i love the outro of the last track so much if you like it be sure to visit us on fb cheers!

    15 Dec 2012 Reply
  • peaceloveherm

    Peace, love, alien dinosaur conspiracy.

    22 Sep 2012 Reply
  • jthages

    aww this song is beautful thankxxxxx

    21 Sep 2012 Reply
  • Luky7

    Wu-Tang and white people diss o.O -.-

    3 Sep 2012 Reply
  • Milkshake8

    Saw your comment about Shaver. You're welcomed to join Squid group.

    30 Aug 2012 Reply
  • OneBeLoTheWorld

    Nice diversity in your taste...

    1 Aug 2012 Reply
  • TowableCrab

    Saw your post on Diabolic shoutbox and I really dig your avatar. Do you have a bigger copy?

    26 Jul 2012 Reply
  • manymalone

    no probs ;)! what do you mean with "dont argue with stars and ropes"

    19 Jun 2012 Reply
  • manymalone

    hey, nice colection :)!!!

    8 Jun 2012 Reply
  • Musicboehmy

    Hello - My new group “Band Of The Week“ has opened now and I want to send a very warm welcome to all of you! If you want to click the “Member”-button already, please feel free to do so!! BAND OF THE WEEK

    8 Jun 2012 Reply
  • jimgravy845

    Great library btw. Since you seem like a bit of an Anglophile might I suggest you check out Skinnyman, Klashnekoff and Scorz-ay-zee? I think you'll dig 'em. (Apologies if they're already in your library but I really aint got time to check through 84 pages!)

    6 Jun 2012 Reply
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