6th Battery

This battery is called “PUT THE TRAINING GEAR ON!”

by Radd

Oh, My, Goodness!!....Ah, Yeah!!!...Put them on because your gonna need them...Whooo Hoooo!!

I can see your eyes now!!....”Oh Man, this is what I have been waiting for!”..Well, not quite. But close! And it's gonna be really cool!...With the extra weight of the training gear it's going to change the feel of the Heli again so we're going to have to get aquainted with the machine again..”BOO, Hissssssss!”..Come on ya whiner.. You're getting close to flying ....so quit whimpering...The fun is about to get with it!!

Since the Helicopter is going to be heavier and the controls will be sluggish due to that weight..Guess what?...Yeah, We have to add more power.. More Power, Higher head speed and more adreniline. You're gonna feel and hear the power now ...Yeah Baby!..

Hey!...Don't forget!..stay on the ground!... Here's what we are going to do..Add more power. Get really light on the gear. Hold the Tail. Turn the tail, Rotate the Plate!...

Ok, For the love of ADRENALINE!.... BE CAREFUL!!...and.. FOCUS..

Remember! If your not in control the heli is! So DANG,DARN,FREAKIN, FRAKIN...be focused! There is no recovery for a newbie, only crashing..You must stay in control! You must not cheat and you must punish your self for sloppiness....Oh, Man....Martha Look out!...

Spin that baby up and get it light on the skids....SWEET MOTHER OF TROY!...be ready, be ahead of the mast!. Come on now ? Get it light and STAY IN THE BOX......CONTROL, CONTROL CONTROL..

Seriously, stay in the box...we've got some really cool things coming up and your gonna love them...But remember to use your head..Stop and think..Stop often and feel what's going on..Don't power on and lift off yet...Come on Please? Whata Ya Say? ..Don't blow it now!!..

Here's what we're going to do..We are going to hold the tail at 6 o'clock, as the helicopter skims light on the gear and while still inside the box we want to turn the tail ever so gently and smoothly to the left...around 8 O'clock..The helicopter should be diagonal slightly and the whole thing should be pointing to the right. Do not turn the heli more than 8 o'clock. You can easily become disorientated. Concentrate and slowly bring it back to 6 o'clock again..Then gently slide the tail back to 8 o'clock and back to center again...The difficulty here is holding the heli in the box while moving the tail sideways...This is truly much easier said than done..After six or seven times of taking it to 8 o'clock you may want to rest and let your motor cool down. Next we will focus on sliding the tail to the opposite side to around 4 o'clock. A rule that we will be following well through Forward flight is to practice your weaknesses...”Fall in love with your weaknesses and your strengths will reward you”. In other words we will be practicing rights sides and left sides equally.

At this time you will definitely want to spin down and rest a moment...Ask the same old questions..How did the controls feel? Could you move smoothly ? Were you totally in control or was the helicopter. Next we will rotate the swash after spin up. As you begin your spin up and are holding the tail don't quite get it that light yet and move the swash and mast in a gentle circle. You should see the frame of the helicopter softly look as though it bending in circular motions. You should be able to see the plate move as the saucer is slowly tilting and turning. On the last of the charge to the 6th battery you should finish it by spinning it out in the box tilting the swash and moving the tail gently....You've come along way ...But from here it only gets better...DID YOU CHEAT? There's still time to be good...Becareful. Be honest. Be focused! We are about to have some real fun so hang on!

We are still working on getting you in touch with your relationship to the controls and the movement of the swash. But. Think about it? How much have you advanced and broken down some the walls of fear?...

Has your control of the helicopter increased? Do you feel anymore confident? Can you remain calm as the blades are spinning up? At the end of second day and as the 7 th battery begins are you the same nervous heli student you were when you started? If you were patient you have indeed come a long long way.

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