Here comes the 7th Battery

This battery is called the “THE SCOOTER”

by Radd

Why the scooter? Cause that's what I call my son and I just wanted to name it after him. Plus we are going to move the chopper around the floor a little too..BUT! We are going to stay on the floor..Make no mistake we are not ready to fly yet but this going to be exciting enough...nothing for the faint hearted or elderly...(sounds like me?) and if by now you haven't been into the adrenaline cookie jar something's wrong...maybe you should take up bull fighting or something..

This time we are going to get up to maximum ground power on the 7th battery. Just as much throttle as it takes to scoot the heli forward..A couple feet only, and don't try to slide it backward yet because that takes a lot more power and may require a short hop...And I hate hopping so for the first couple times please spin down after scooting forward and drag the heli back into the box..Keep the tail straight and slide it forward but make sure you feel under control.

Spin it up and let the blades do the work..Slowly very slowly inch it forward..Then walk over and slide it back by hand. Do this several times and try hard not to let the helicopter slide side ways.It will want to move to its left..So you must counter with right stick...As difficult as it sound it is very possible to maintain the amount of right aileron to keep the skids down and still move forward. Hold the tail and again slide it back by hand.

After a few slides forward you may want to relax and get your wits about you for a moment. Then we will next slide forward and to the left a couple feet. .Holding the tail raise the throttle up very slightly and very gently begin to slide the helicopter to your right. Watch the left skid and keep it as low on the floor as possible. Maintain power and slide the machine to the right. Again don't try to slide the copter towards the rear unless the Helicopter with slight rear pitch and naturally wants to move that way.

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