Battery 4

Throttle up!....not idle up ....THROTTLE UP!...

by Radd

With this Battery we are going to do the same control movements but we are going to increase the head speed..Yep! that's right, the same thing...but with higher head speed you should hear that Drill Sargent screaming in your head...KEEP THE SKIDS FLAT ON THE DECK...SOLDIER!!....If they lift off, especially the right one, back off on the throttle and let it settle..Figure out how much aileron stick you need to hold it on the floor with the plate tilted and speed up again...KEEP IT ON THE FLOOR ...WATCH THE BOX. .KEEP THE TAIL...KEEP IT IN THE BOX...THE BOX...THE BOX...THE ease soldier......Spin down and catch your breath....your going back up to speed when your blood pressure gets out of the stroke range....

The controls should becoming much more sensitive at a higher head speed the tail should be finding it's home as well.. You're hopefully finding your rudder thumb relaxing a lot as it gets head speed..The reason for this is because the ratio of head speed to tail speed is balancing itself and the gyro is waking up! However since the head speed is beginning to scream and the controls are more sensitive this is definitely no time to relax....I'm tingling just thinking about...”IT'S ALIVE..'”

If the helicopter drifts out of the box remember your punishment...Walk over and drag it back into place..It's acceptable for one skid to peep out of the box but when the second skid crosses the line it's punishment time...Come on... you made the deal!!!

As you practice spinning up and down with fairly strong head speed you will be building up your skill and coordination at hold the tail and keeping the skids flat..You'll be working on keeping the plate as flat as possible but giving it just enough aileron to hold it on the floor.. But the main task at this point should be keeping it in the box....So...Soldier..your challenge is hold that baby in the box...the box boss...The box..If you see the skids rocking or lifting off then back off on the throttle. Stay with it and stay spinning a little longer than you were before...Stay on it for about three minutes at a time...If you would like to practice spinning up and spinning down several times towards the end of the battery you will greatly benefit from this but most people want to ride the wild tiger till the battery is dead... Take it easy this is only your 4th battery and you're not quite ready to go into a dog fight just yet..Slow down a bit and think of you wallet..relax and think about what the helicopter has been doing and what you have been doing to counter act ...IF YOU'Re NOT IN CONTROL THE HELICOPTER IS!......SOLDIER!!

You must not let yourself be distracted even for a second at this head speed...You must have tunnel vision and in total contact with your helicopter..As you move ..It moves...As you think ...It thinks...(tee hee..that's so silly!).. NEVER, EVER NEVER EVER, NENENENENVER EVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE MACHINE... It can kill you!...I've lost my composer raising my voice at students who take their eyes off the machine....why?......BECAUSE IT CAN KILL ME TOO!!!!...

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