5th Battery

This battery is called “Tilt the Swash”....

by Radd

Hey ? I thought we already did that?....

Yes, We've already did that ! But I'm just mean and nasty and want you to do it again! Actually we need the practice cause the 6th battery is gona kick your little hiney.....On the 5th battery we don't want to spin up and down but concentrate on two things for longer blocks of time....(You should have been doing short spin ups before??...You lousy cheater!)..

Ok, So. Spin up to where your skids feel light but not bouncing on the ground...hold the tail, keep the skids on the ground and stay in the box. Bring the throttle back if your heli wants to lift off. At this speed I want you to very very carefully play with the plate and tilt the swash right and left and VERY gently fore and aft.. COME ON DUDE!...I SAID GENTLY! ...stay in control and stay on the ground..STAY IN THE BOX!....If the tail swings, Punish Yourself.. DON'T CHEAT!!

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