Raising a concern or complaint
Raising a concern or complaint

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Raising a concern or complaint

If you are unhappy with your experience for any reason, you can raise a concern or make a complaint. There are different ways of doing this which depend on issues such as whether your care was provided under the NHS or privately.

Who can help?

We are one of a number of organisations which may be able to help if you are unsatisfied with the treatment, behaviour or service you have received from a registered dental professional. 
You may also wish to refer to our links page which lists other organisations professional bodies and patient groups.

What can the GDC do?

We take action when a dental professional's ability, behaviour or health means it is not suitable for them to continue working as a dental professional.
How to report a dental professional explains our process in more detail and the types of concern we can investigate including.
• Very poor treatment.
• Not having professional indemnity insurance.
• Cross-infection issues (for example, using dirty equipment).
• Being under the influence of drink or drugs.
• Fraud or theft.
If the situation is serious enough we can limit or remove the dental professional's right to work in the UK.
We look carefully at every allegation we receive. The action we can take may range from an advice letter to removing or restricting the dental professional's registration. However, we cannot award compensation: only the courts can do that.

Find out more about what we can do

Report a dental professional to the GDC