Teeth Whitening Bleach

What is Teeth Whitening Bleach?

Most teeth whitening bleach come in the form of a specialized gel. These gels are generally packaged in tubes, and contain some type of bleaching ingredient, such as carbamide peroxide, or hydrogen peroxide. The home kits that you can buy at any grocery or drugstore, are usually packaged with a mild form of bleach, and shouldn't be used for deeper stains. Both grades of gel should provide a brighter smile. Most bleaching products also contain flouride, which provides vitamin E and C, which can stimulate the growth of healthy mouth tissues that aid in bad breath and the destruction of bacteria.

Most professional-grade equipment that dentists use contain a much stronger form of bleach and concentrated peroxide. Some gels or pastes contain additional additives that aid in the bleaching process, however the additives depend on the brand the dentist buys.

As far as which brand is the best, there really is no "best." Some bleaching brands work faster than other, but generally the end resut will be the same. A brighter and whiter smile.

Who Should Use Teeth Whitening Bleach?

Anyone can benefit from using a tooth whitening bleach that needs a brighter smile. However, children under the age of 2 should be kept away from the bleach, as it contains flouride and can be toxic if swallowed.

People with sensitive teeth may have trouble using the bleach, as it may cause a hypersensitivity. As with all teeth whitening procedures, the teeth may become extra sensitive for a few days. One should consult a dentist or specialist to see if teeth whitening is right for them.