Amazing Spider-Man 2 Must Read: Marc Webb On Goblins, Internet Rumors And 'Thinking Bigger'

Author: Sean O'Connell | published: 2013-07-20 09:43:51
Amazing Spider-Man

Iíd like to ask a couple of specifics, if I could?


How much time do we get with Norman in the second movie?

[Long pause] Iím not going to say.


I want to reward you for your column, but I have to be careful.

I thank you for that. Thatís fine. Partly, youíre keeping it from ruining the movie for myself also. OK, is Curt Connors in Ravenscroft, and will we find out who that guy was in the end credits of Amazing Spider-Man?

Uhhhhh, nnnnnnn.... Iím not going to answer those.

Alright then, letís see.

Iím just saying, youíre on to something.

Felicity Jones has been saying a lot about her role, her mysterious role. Have you read her quotes or heard her quotes?

Iíve heard something about it. She does have sort of an interesting relationship with Norman Osborn at the beginning of the movie.

With Norman?

Yeah, sheís a...

Can I tell you her quote?


She says, ďIím the goblinís girlfriend.Ē

Oh, hmmm. Thatís an interesting interpretation.


But she does in fact, yes, work for Norman Osborn, but I wouldnít say...

Is Norman sick when we see him?

I donít know. Youíre going to have to see the movie.

Dammit, Marc. Iím trying here! It was recently mentioned that Hans Zimmer will score the film. Is that happening?

That is happening, yes.

Good, thatís exciting.

He may have another collaborator, but itís too early to discuss that.

You shot a lot of this film in public, and a lot of it got out through set photos. How do you feel about that, because then you have to answer questions about The Rhino and ...

Yeah, but thatís, I mean itís, I would say unfortunate, but itís something we expect. And listen, thereís an enthusiasm and curiosity and I think thatís great. I love the idea of speculation, but I also, I want to preserve the surprise of it, and we are careful to conceal certain important plot twists and the surprises we want to keep under our, inside of our coats, as it were, under wraps.


So, Iíve read a lot of the stuff online. And every theory Iíve read is wrong.

Thatís what I was going to say. But you know itís wrong. Donít you just want to jump in and say, ďNo.Ē

No. I love it! Because people often say things with such certainty, and Iím like, ďWell, but ÖĒ You know, I donít want to engage in that.

Ok. Tell me a bit about how Harry fits in here because heís a new character.

Harry is an old childhood friend of Peterís but he was sent off the boarding school, and Ö heís just gotten back from Europe and he and Peter meet up for the first time in many years.

I think whatís cool about it is you sense, for Peter, itís his first friend. You know what I mean? We havenít really seen that part of his life. Heís been such a loner and such an outsider that you see a kid, and theyíre bound by this sort of, you know, Harry wasnít exactly well treated by his father and Peterís father has disappeared, so theyíre sort of bound by those daddy issues.

Do we get J. Jonah Jameson? Is he on the board?

Thereís a little bit of Bugle. Thereís a little bit of The Daily Bugle in the movie.

And thatís where we had to wrap. I hope you thought Webb and I covered some interesting ground. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.
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