The third battery is called “Tilt the Swash”....

by Radd
Watch the plate

Spin the heli up but...way way under 50%. What we are going to do on this battery is get the rotor spinning and get use to the cyclic controls..We are going to hit the sticks pretty hard so keep the head speed way down so not to dump over the heli....You must not be anywhere near lift off speed or half stick but fast enough that in low head speed you don't wobble the stuffing out of the chopper, throw it off balance and do a boom strike...Concentration ...WhooooHoo...

After it's spun up take the aileron stick slowly to 3 o'clock and then back to zero. Then move the cyclic to the left or 9 o'clock...If your calm and feeling this is a good safe head speed stay there a little and move the controls back and forth from 3 to 9 and back again...Do Not move the sticks Fore and Aft. Not yet!.. Once you are comfortable and in control with the right and left cyclic spin down and think about how the sticks felt and how proportional they were to the Helicopter.

After resting a moment spin back up and increase your head speed a little. This time we are going to watch the mast and what I call the “Plate” which is the spinning fly bar and paddles (Don't know why I named it that? Guess I was hungry?)...It takes on a silver color as it gets up to speed. But mostly this time around I want you to watch the mast and the linkages and how they move and tilt. Again since your not at lift off RPM you should be quite safe. While all this is going on you've almost forgotten about the tail (have you?)...Are you holding it? Give yourself a minute or two feeling the cyclic and it's relationship to the radio...Watch the mast and the Plate..Remember. If you not in control ...The Helicopter is! After watching the mast take sometime to watch the plate as it tilts as well...You should have a couple minutes of battery left and it may be a good time to rest..

Again picture in your mind how much stick and how much control you had with the machine....If your reading this completely through before try it I'm sure you can't imagine what is exciting about any of this. However I'm sure you'll have the tingles when you give it a go in real time...You may want to read each plan for the separate batteries again and each time before you burn the whole pack..

After resting a moment we will spin back up and test the pitch cyclic or the fore and aft controls.. Spin it back up and once again hold the tail and feel the right and left cyclic for a moment and then very gently give it forward control...Very gently does it! Visually the movement is harder to see and the heli is a little more unstable on the skids fore and aft so take it easy. Also we don't want to bang the tail hard on the floor...Later we will be moving the cyclic in a circle but for the moment practice a little on the right and left, fore and aft control..Hold the tail and keep the heli in the box...If you feel comfortable take up the head speed to your safety level.

  1. Hold the tail.
  2. Watch the Mast and the Plate.
  3. Stop and ask yourself the usual questions...
Did it react as you thought? How much pressure did the sticks require? And most important how stable were the skids?...Did they try to come off?...BAD, BAD person!

Oh My!!!...Battery 4 coming up!! (second day?)

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