Ridley Scott Talks PROMETHEUS and the BLADE RUNNER Sequel; Says PROMETHEUS Blu-ray Will Have 20 to 30 Min of Deleted Scenes

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With Prometheus now playing, 20th Century Fox held a massive press junket in London last week where I was able to interview most of the cast and director Ridley Scott.  Here’s are my print interviews with Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender and Scott, and here are my on-camera interviews with Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce, Logan Marshall-Green, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, and Damon Lindelof.  For more on the film, here’s four clips and five minutes of behind-the-scenes footage and Matt’s review.

During my on-camera interview with Scott we talked about how much fun he had making Prometheus and his desire to do the sequel, the difficulty in tackling serious issues when a movie costs so much, what will be on the eventual Blu-ray/DVD, director’s cuts, and more.  In addition, Scott talks about a possible scene from the Blade Runner sequel and reveals the Prometheus Blu-ray might have 20 to 30 minutes of deleted scenes and describes one of them.  Hit the jump to watch.

prometheus-ridley-scott-noomi-rapaceIn addition, I’m happy to report that Prometheus was great.  Unlike most Hollywood movies that get watered down for mainstream acceptance, Prometheus is the type of big budget sci-fi that studios rarely make.  I definitely recommend seeing it in a theater. Also, the 3D is fantastic.

Finally, after you’ve watched the video below, I suggest checking out the print interview I did with Scott.   In that interview he talks about how Prometheus came about, the sequels, and other future projects.

Note: I advise not watching this interview until you’ve seen the movie due to spoilers.  You’ve been warned.

Ridley Scott

  • Talks about how he really enjoyed making Prometheus and his desire to do the sequel.  Also talks about how he thinks one of the biggest problems in our world is religion
  • We talk about how hard it is to make a movie that deals with serious issues when it costs over a hundred million dollars to make
  • How long was his first cut of Prometheus.  Says it was 2 hrs. 27 minutes
  • Is the version in theaters his directors cut or will the home video release be the director’s cut.  Talks about how he regrets not releasing the longer version of Kingdom of Heaven as his directors cut
  • 3:22 – Says the Blu-ray will have around 30 minutes of deleted scenes
  • 3:45 – Talks about the deleted scene between Noomi Rapace and the engineer and why it was cut out of the film
  • 4:30 – Is the extended cut on the Blu-ray a lot longer than the theatrical release.  Says that it might be 20 minutes longer (but the way he talks about it I’m not sure if he’s figured it out yet)
  • 5:30 – Talks about a scene from the Blade Runner sequel

prometheus-imax-posterHere’s the exact quotes from Scott on what will be on the Blu-ray and the deleted scenes:

SCOTT: This is fundamentally the director’s cut.  But there will be half an hour of stuff on the menu because people are so into films—how they’re made, how they’re set up, and the rejections in it.  That’s why it’s fascinating.  So this will all go on to the menu.

Well I’m curious about the deleted scenes.  Specifically in this film, Noomi [Rapace] mentioned maybe there was a fight scene with her and an Engineer.

SCOTT: The Engineer fight scene was pretty good.  It will definitely go on the menu.  It won’t go on the long version.  The problem about it is, while she gives as good as she gets with an axe (she’s very physical), he’s so big, for him to be clouted with a conventional weapon somehow diminished him.  It’s subtle.  It’s drama.  I didn’t want to diminish him by having this person who has a weapon to be able to back him off.  It minimized him.  That’s why when he deals with people inside his cockpit, it’s over.  Wham, wham, wham.  Even the shot doesn’t mean anything.  And so all she has time for is introducing him to the big boy inside the lab.

You’re going to do an extended cut on the Blu-ray/DVD.  Is it a lot longer?

SCOTT: Twenty minutes.

So there’s, like, twenty minutes that will be added back in for a longer version?

SCOTT: Maybe.  But I’m so happy with this engine, the way it is right now.  I think it’s fine.  I think it works.  It can go in a section where, if you really want to tap in, look at the menu.  To see how things are long, and it’s too long.  Dramatically, I’m about putting bums on seats.  For me to separate my idea of commerce from art—I’d be a fool.  You can’t do that.  I wouldn’t be allowed to do the films I do.  So I’m very user friendly as far as the studios are concerned.  To a certain extent, I’m a businessman.  I’m aware that’s what I have to do.  It’s my job.  To say, “Screw the audience.”  You can’t do that.  “Am I communicating?” is the question.  Am I communicating?  Because if I’m not, I need to address it.


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  • Mark

    Excellent get.

  • Marty

    Looking forward to the directors cut. Thought the theatrical was pretty great. It was better than I expected.

  • Spanglish In Lesbilandia

    I personally enjoyed Prometheus very much …yes I was surprised and would not hesitate to recommend it. And yes , I do plan on getting the Blu-ray DVD when it becomes available.

  • Louis

    Definitely needs an extended cut

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  • Secret Agenda

    They can’t all be winners. I wish he’d let Blade Runner go too.

  • murdernexxus

    Ridley is an engineer

  • potterboy

    you should have asked him about the THE COUNSELOR

  • wh

    PLEASE tell me Prometheus will get a director’s cut. With a few more fleshing outs, that movie could go from “good” to “great”.

  • Chris138

    Loved the movie in theaters but I’d be more than willing to watch the director’s cut. Can’t wait to get this movie on Blu-ray!

  • Strong Enough

    I saw it. it was cool

    best part was the end.

  • Jan Sulu

    Ridley is just being politically correct when he says he is happy with the cut. If there is only 5 minutes of scenes, maybe that would be next to insignificant. But if there is 20 minutes, those 20 minutes would definitely improve the movie by a huge margin.

  • MAC

    Sorry for a little less informed!!

    But can anyone tell me what’s difference between Directors Cut & Deleted Scenes!!
    Like he’s saying there will be 30 mins that’ll go to Menu… what’s that?
    & what’s different about the 30 mins video & other 20 mins!!
    Can someone explain Differenece!

    I loved the film though… Want to see more for sure… David aka Megneto is THE MAN!!

    • Rob

      Deleted scenes are scenes that are cut from the movie–for whatever reason. Maybe they just didn’t work. They filmed them, and the director (or someone else) just felt they should be cut. They don’t belong in the film. These scenes might be interesting to watch to see some of the decisions that directors make about what doesn’t belong.
      Some scenes, however, might be cut even if the director doesn’t necessarily think they should be cut. That’s where an extended Director’s Cut can come in. Maybe the movie was just too long, or maybe the studio thought certain scenes would not go over well with general audiences. As far as the director is concerned, those scenes belong in the film, but he may accept the necessity to make certain cuts that the studio or other invested parties want.

  • Northern Star

    A shame a talented director like Ridley is so uninformed of religion, most wars and problems in the world (both distant and current) are about politics, power, and corruption, not disputes between different faiths… at least, the non-Islamic problems are.

    • mattedscreen

      …um you’ve got about a thousand years of history working against that statement there, the Crusades all the way through the Irish Protestants vs The Catholics. The battleground has evolved over the years, the educational system; Creationism vs Darwinism, etc, etc. Heck money has even become a religion for people. You see more people reading the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal than you do any kind of religious tome.

      • Northern Star

        I AM an Irish Protestant and I’m telling you the conflict here had nothing to do with religion, it was about sovereignty and national identity, the Crusades had no mandate whatsoever from Christ or anything in the Bible so I’ll not excuse or defend them…

      • t

        The bible is make believe like gremlins or eskimos. Anyone who is religious is a douchebag by definition. Look it up in Websters.

      • Speak2Truth

        The Crusades were a response to the Islamic conquest of about half of Europe, with no end to it in sight. The second successor to Mohammed, the Caliph Umar, made it the mission of Islam to exterminate every Christian man, woman and child on Earth. They got busy. It took a while for them to hit on the idea of simply subjugating others and making them pay the “jizyah”, in a sort of protection racket that was very profitable for the Islamic Empire.

        Europeans finally realized they’d have to wage all-out war to liberate themselves and future generations from Islamist Imperialism. Queen Isabella of Spain sold off the royal jewels to buy cannon to oust the Islamists from her country – and she funded the expedition of Christopher Columbus to find a different approach to attack them where they would least expect it. There’s a reason the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria had Crusader crosses on the sails.

        As for the movie, Prometheus, I just watched it again (DVD) and it is still a very good continuation of the Alien series. Well directed, good characters, intriguing opening for a sequel. Online, one can find deleted scenes. I do believe the film is more polished without them.

    • Hugh

      Money/power is the real prize. Religion is just the tool used in motivating believers to fight. Mankind has been that way forever.

    • alan stowe

      Riiiiiiiight… that’s why he made Kingdom of Heaven and Black Hawk Down, because he’s not well informed…

      Or Blade Runner and Prometheus that explore what constitutes life and consciousness and all the other big ideas…


  • David

    Maybe in those extra 30 minutes he can explain the Universe size plot holes, the DNA science that does not make one bit of sense and maybe where Charlize Theron survives? Beyond being the corporate dick-head -which any skinny, blond actress could have done and only cost the production scale- what was the point of her beyond that?

    She makes no impact on the story, is my point. None, well beyond the dick-head thingy.

    • Kofi

      Charlize Theron’s character is a metaphor for the overall theme of the film, a child seeking approval from her father like mankind seeking approval from the Gods(or Engineers). And like the mankind in this film she is rejected by her creator.

      • Guns Of Navarone

        Good call, good call.

    • alan stowe

      What DNA issues?

      The Engineers have managed to create synthetic primordial soup that they use to generate life on various planets. Primordial soup is the most basic building blocks of life, they ingest it in a sacrifice that gives the primordial soup some basic tissue to get started with in addition to whatever elements are available on a world where they do this. Hence humanity looking a bit like them. This accounts for the variety of effects the soup has on its surroundings and any nearby life forms.

      And Kofi nailed the Theron situation.

    • Kanakarisnico

      The theron part was a waiste of money if you ask me,I totally agree with her uselessness in this movie,Naomi just steals the show here and they just had to have one big name and wrote that part in for her witch is really a total waiste!and what about all the praise for idris??why everybody is so crazy about him?playing a very stereotypical part of disposable type character,a captain who acts like a cowboy??i saw him in the wire and that was great acting,this…sorry is just playing around.a pity really because this movie could have been great but now it’s just a good sci fi film,like I said this movie has some big flaws and some great things happening for itself.

      • SpacemanSpliffz

        1. It’s WASTE, not WAISTE.
        2. Her name is NOOMI, not NAOMI.
        3. It’s WHICH, not WITCH
        4. After certain punctuation, including the characters . , ? ! ; , one adds a space.
        5. Use of capitalized letters at the beginning of a sentence indicates a correct knowledge of basic grammar.

        Once you’ve learned how to type, and use BASIC english language, you are allowed to come back on this most glorious of technologies, the internet. Until then, don’t go whining and puling retarded theories about movies that are obviously much too complex for your small mind to even come close to a very elementary interpretation of this film. You sir, are a moron.

  • Dan

    I get that if the bullets weren’t effective then why would an axe hurt him but they should have thought of that during filming and figure out a way to make that scene work.

    I’ll be extremely disappointed if that doesn’t get rectified.

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  • joe hoskins

    Although I liked the movie, there is a section of the movie that seems disjointed to me.
    The section I am referencing to is when David is spearheading an effort to put Shaw into cryostasis – or something like that – obviously to preserve the alien inside her. He is being assisted by the another female crew member named Ford. After Shaw fights off David and Ford, she escapes to the machine that can do surgery, no one follows her. After the surgery, she stumples into a room where David is preparing Weyland for an expedition to see the engineer, who expresses no interest in here current condition since it seemed very important to him earlier. Later the crew is accompanied by Ford on the same expedition who shows no concern for Shaw or the events that took place earlier when she was attacked by Shaw.
    There is no interest in the fact that Shaw had fled and shows up later with blood all over her and a hugh cut in her abdomen with staples, Especially David, because he is aware that she had an alien in her.
    The two scenes seem to have a lack of continuity and to be disconnected emotionally.

    • Middi

      I felt the same way. The only thing I can think of, was that Weyland put an emergency call int to David and the others, because He was was awake and wanted to meet the Engineer ASAP! So David and crew had to drop pursuit of her and go take care of him?

  • lulzatron


    What Ridley said about the Engineer fight scene was spot on. When the engineer was approaching, all I could think was ‘Bull fucking shit this scrawny chick is gonna take him out with an axe’.

  • Mykal

    The bit Ridley teased was a scene that nearly went into the first Blade Runner, the story boards looked real good. -The man from the spinner enters the small home and see’s a pot of soup boiling on the stove. The man sits in a chair in the livingroom opposite the kitchen. The progression of time is shown in the window of it going from day to night. Another man enters the home, he is wearing overalls and googles an is the farmer. He asks the man sitting if he’d been waiting long and asks who he’s with. The man says “Deckerd, Blade runner” and shots the farmer. He rises and opens the mans mouth and pulls out the man’s lower-teeth; an it’s all machinery. On the bottom on the teeth is a Vin number, an he leaves. Kicking up dust from the spinner.- It’s all on the big BR DVD set. Check it out. =))

    • Amino

      I was thinking the exact same thing when he talked about that. There’s even art work of it on the DVD.

      • Elias

        Abnormal this post is totaly unarelted to what I used to be looking google for, but it surely was once listed on the first page. I suppose your doing one thing right if Google likes you enough to position you at the first web page of a non related search.

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  • wes

    Please do an extended cut or Directors cut, even if you don’t include all 20 mins in Directors Cut it will help the film.

    • Richard of Norway

      Agree! Even just 10-15 additional minutes would help. I loved the film but there were 2-3 parts where it felt very edited. Where scenes didn’t gel together. Where it felt something was missing.

  • Banes

    Michael Fassbender plays android and thats good role for portraying the character with talent and people praising him but Idris Alba as captain has much interesting performance but as you know its not your different type role no one praising but he is fantastic as captain.

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  • Richard of Norway

    Love your interviews Frosty. Thanks for speaking for so many of us! You asked just the right questions. Nice to see Scott admit he was wrong with KoH’s theatrical. Not often you see filmmakers with that kind of humility.

  • Guns Of Navarone

    I don’t see why Ridley couldn’t put both versions on the bluray. There’s ample room, one bluray disc comes in at 40gb. They could do it like they did each of the discs for the Alien Anthology. Directors Cut or Theatrical.

    Please do it Ridley, let us decide. You admit you made a mistake with Kingdom Of Heaven but only now. At the time, your thinking was probably the same as it is now.

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  • Arthur

    if i was him if he was such such a smart business man like he believes he is i would release an extended cut i dont like the idea of adding the scenes has extras i think thats a very half ass shitty thing to do considering the fact that every movie he has made has more than one cut but with this one he wants to leave it has it is i hope he thinks long hand hard if he likes the movie the way it is that much than be a true business man and make th bluray contain and extended cut and an original cut so people be able tho choose which version they like best its only logical and smart to give the viewer choice and give them more for the money they pay for not less or the same. i believe fans would be more intreted in sseing an extended cut over the same one they saw in the movie theather i saw it and i have to say its a good film but it feels incomplete and a lil too rushed too little time for so much stuff happening and yet this movie feels like the first in a new trilogy i believe if a sequel is made that shaw should go the the engineers homeworld.

    • Crockett

      Is this the future of the English language?

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  • Arturo Del Campillo

    he better make an extended cut i dont like the idea of adding the scenes has extras i think thats a very bad thing to do considering the fact that every movie he has made has more than one cut but with this one he wants to leave it has it is i hope he thinks long hand hard if he likes the movie the way it is that much than be a true business man and make the bluray contain and extended cut and an original cut so people be able tho choose which version they like best its only logical and smart to give the viewer choice and give them more for the money they pay for not less or the same. the movie felt incomplete and rushed to me i believe if ridley is such a smart business man has he believes himself to be he would do the extended cut bluray but also allowing u to choose which version u wish to see if the original cut since he loved so much or the version every fan wants to see and extended cut the one that every one truly wants to see and if they do a sequel i hope it shows that shaw reaches the homeworld of the engineers but what if the space jockeys or engineers were created by something else what if the true creators of the xenomorph that we know and life has we know it has a connection to the predators or something like that i just see this has an opportunity to expand and create something memorable. i say a true business man finds a way to make more money by actually pleasing the fan base not by giving them what they want in the end is there money that makes them rich and able to live the way they do.

  • DeadMeatGF

    There’s a lot of you missing the point with “Director’s Cut”
    That’s a term for when the Studio wrecked the film with arbitrary cuts that the Director did not want or agree with to produce the theatrical release that the Director later gets the chance to rectify with the Director’s Cut.
    If Ridley Scott says he’s happy with the film as-is then it’s the Directors Cut by definition.

  • Arturo

    you should make an extended cut i dont like the idea of adding the scenes has extras i think thats a very half ass shitty thing to do considering the fact that every movie you have made has more than one cut but with this one he wants to leave it has it is i hope he thinks long hand hard if he likes the movie the way it is that much than be a true business man and make the bluray contain and extended cut and an original cut so people be able tho choose which version they like best its only logical and smart to give the viewer choice and give them more for the money they pay for not less or the same. the movie felt incomplete and rushed to me i believe if you think yourself to be such a smart business man you would release the extended cut bluray but also allowing us to choose which version we wish to see if the original cut since you loved it so much and the version every fan wants to see an extended cut the one that every one truly wants to see and i say a true business man finds a way to make more money by actually pleasing the fan base by giving them what they want in the end is there money that makes you rich

  • josheli

    What Ridley just said in that interview blew my mind…

    He’s a business man first…

    That pretty much explains everything that is wrong with Prometheus. And that settles it. I’m not seeing the Bladerunner sequel. I don’t give a shit how amazing the trailer will inevitably look.

    It’s going to end up being a soulless piece of shit, that makes no sense. Because that’s what Prometheus is. Just like prequels and Indiana Jones 4. It’s all about getting asses in seats…

    The Capitalists won, everybody…

    That’s a wrap.

    • CF

      Poor, disillusioned dear. Perhaps you missed the “biz” part of the term “showbiz.”

    • Charles

      Yeah, how dare he try and make a buck. What a ridiculous thing to say. How old are you, 12?

    • Will Spill

      Josheli, I agree with the essential point of your post. Scott and the movie biz in general are more interested with making money than making good movies. A happy balance is needed. Good scripts get altered and too often ruined so that they can be serials– sequels or trilogies or prequels. Make a good movie the first time for sake of making a good movie–and with any luck people will go and see it. But Hollywood needs to stop making shoddy movies that end with the promise of another shoddy movie e.g. Prometheus,which was okay but clearly could have been better and was obviously tampered with in service of potential sequels. Prometheus is all sizzle no meat. It was released 12 days ago and Scott’s already talking about the blu-ray/director’s cut/deleted scene–$$$$$$! …a happy balance.

    • Jimmy

      Haha, who are you kidding?

      OF COURSE you’ll see it! (Probably more than once, too! ;-) )

  • Nicholas Hartney

    It was refreshing to see a real sci-fi movie. The thing that makes movies like Prometheus and Alien great is that they feel “real”, that this could really happen. That is what intrigues audiences.

    • AndyE

      I agree with you about Alien. Prometheus, well, not so much. It’s hard to believe that a company would spend a trillion dollars on a mission and not employee scientists who attempt to use some version of the scientific method. You know, to be realistic. Instead, we get scientists who are slightly less brilliant than the Goonies. Charlie (I want to open my presents now and take off my helmet) Holloway is a good example. Fifield, the geologist, maps the alien structure, but can’t find his way out of the place. His companion, Millburn, thinks it’s a good idea to play gitchy-goo with aliens that look and act like cobras. It’s no wonder that they all die horribly. Still, I guess there’s Elizabeth Shaw. She does seem more intelligent than the rest. Except for the part where she can’t quite figure out that David set her up to be a mommy. And the part where she thinks that everyone else on the engineer’s planet will be more understanding than the engineer. Oh, and how it’s a good idea to save the Earth from alien destruction and then go tell the aliens that we’re still alive, and dammit, we want answers. Yes, Prometheus truly is a great piece of science fiction.

      • Rick

        AndyE, those are some of my thoughts as well.

        Did Ridley Scott believe scientists are idiots or did he think the audience wanted to see scientists act like idiots? I don’t think they are, nor should they act that way in this movie.

        And a scardycat Geologist, afraid of aliens dead for 2000 years, who can’t find his way while bringing devices to map the tunnels. Another idiot.

        And the Biologist, scared of his shadow too, yet finds it OK to want to pet an alien cobra? Are you kidding me?!?! Another idiot.

        And what could possibly make David, who’s suppose to protect the crew, believe Charlie’s desire to meet an alien, give him free reign to use Charlie as a lab rat?!?!

        And at the place where the Engineer is, they find all the pods, but there isn’t any information provided to make the audience feel they had intentions to kill off humans on Earth. The star map revealed by David showed many worlds, like they were terraforming, not destroying. Of course, if we just accept what they SAY, then it does make sense, but they never revealed any hints to substantiate those claims.

        All these things don’t make sense. Which leaves thinking audiences wanting for more.

      • HotRod

        A fricken men! The character depictions are insultingly stupid. I actually hungered for Holloway and Milburns deaths. For such an important expedition Weyland paid a trillion dollars and of that, $1000.00 dollars must have been allocated to pay that cut rate “science” team.

        Shaw was acceptable but what is her doctorate in? She’s an archaeologist on on hand, a pathologist/forensic doc on the other. The idea of re-animating(?!!) what should have been a pertrified head wasnt a very bright idea either. Ford was the ships dedicated doc but seemingly Shaw had more expertise.
        Shaw finds it awfully easy to forgive and forget when confronted with the unspoken knowledge that David infected her despicable fiancee’.
        She also turned the other cheek toward Ford and who tried to freeze her ass for a predictably terminal ride home. I understand the temptation to meet the engineers (as Weyland so easily baited her with) but by this time she already understands that these guys are not the benevolent group of beings she had hoped them to be. Yet she (with a belly full of sutures from an energency C section) scurries along with a pack of would be murderers headed by a terminally ill megalomaniac seeking the fountain of youth from an alien species determined to deliver a bio weapon even THEY can harly control, to an unsuspecting Earth.

        In the next sci-fi “epic” I would hope that the goverments of earth will send a slightly intelligent group scientists that represent the best interests of the planet vice one man.

        Yes folks I realize its just a movie, but honestly I found far fewer faults with Snow White than I did Prometheus. It’s a good movie but not the great epic one it could/should have been. Ridley Scott and George Lucas both need to hang it up. Hopefully the inevitable sequel will prove me wrong… about Ridley at least.

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  • John

    I was wondering if there were alot of cut scenes… in the last 3rd of the movie the characters started knowing info about the engineers that was not revealed yet during the movie… like the engineers creating a bioweapon and to destroy mankind on earth… I hope the DVD version is better. Much better.

    • alan stowe

      The captain made the crack about it potentially being a military thing. That does not mean its true. Not every character in a work of fiction is there to supply you with factual information. Sometimes they’re just talking out of their butts because they’re scared and lost and are clinging desperately for some sense, they represent the audience. The captain was practically a nod to the Nostromo crew: he wasn’t a scientist or an engineer, he was a pilot, a working man, that’s it. His observations are based on his experiences with other humans and his knowledge and scope of understanding is extremely limited.

      So he didn’t suddenly KNOW anything, he just started desperately to explain what was going on around him. He also made a point to say ultimately he doesn’t care. So that shows you how much thought he’s even putting into this.

      The Captain represents man kind in general, he’s driven by baser instincts (he’s depicted actively trying to get laid) and then reacts to the unknown circumstances as military because scared humans who don’t understand their surroundings tend to gravitate towards an aggressive defensive mentality. However, he rises above this trivial state of being upon sacrificing himself for what he perceives to be the good of mankind, a truly altruistic act.

      • Will Spill

        A stowe, if everything you posted is true, how do explain Shaw’s reaction to Janek’s revelation? She believed him. Remember that chamber in the alien ship stacked high and full with vases/ampules. Shaw and Janek are in agreement and conclude that the alien ship must not be allow to leave for Earth. Janek’s military base revelation was vital to this movies conclusion.

  • yzfchet

    I’ve heard the same comment from others about what Shaw is doing at the end, and I think a lot of folks don’t get what that last act is about…she’s got a cargo hold filled with incredibly virulent bio-weapons, she’s seriously pissed, and she’s heading for the Engineers’ home turf.

    It looks to me as if a mega-sized can of whoop-ass is about to be opened, and payback is on the menu.

    • alan stowe

      And its exactly that mentality that made the Engineers decide to wipe out their own experiment (mankind) in the first place. You certainly paid attention to the film…

    • AndyE

      You could be right, but Elizabeth says the engineers “owe” her the truth. Even though she’s disillusioned at the movie’s end, she’s still a seeker. She’s pissed, but she wants answers. Threatening the engineers may just validate their desire to exterminate mankind. I suspect they don’t care about humans at all though and see them as illegitimate. Since Damon Lindelof was a co-writer and executive producer for Prometheus, it’s likely that the thinking behind the movie was pretty half-assed anyway. Making sense of the whole cocked-up mess is pretty useless.

    • Andres

      Wow, listen to all the Blame Bush spin.Why is it that when tgihns are bad, Blame Bush, when tgihns are good, Praise Obama.If the bad was caused by Bush, then wouldn’t he also get the credit for the good tgihns?I don’t think I can follow this New Logic of the Democan.

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  • Toe Knee

    I LOVE the movie , tho I was really expecting the whole time to see the 2023 TEDtalks session going on with Peter, as I saw in a preview :/

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