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Choosing A School - Thoughts For ParentsWhat is your child really like? This is your starting point for finding a school to suit him/her rather than you. Having decided what your child is really like, ask yourself: What do you want...
State School Admissions - How To Secure A Place   How the state schools admissions process works depends on where you live within the UK. Recent policies have wised-up to, and tightened-up on, the many scams and ruses used by parents and...

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It’s that time of year again; schools are closed and no amount of banging on the doors will get those teachers back from Tuscany until the first inset day of September. If money’s no object, there are wonderful holiday clubs where children can...

by susan gowland
In June’s newsletter we asked you to spill the beans on your school lunches. There were some great entries: "Chef Gary’s curries are a winner – even among the nursery pupils! In fact, I don’t think my 4 yr old could point out the Head but she...

by susan gowland

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