Battery 8 and 9 are both “Your Batteries”

by Radd

You've earned a little R & R If you've done your best not to cheat and stayed in the box when I ask you to (Ha!).....If you feel under control and relaxed and feel you can remain still on the floor for two more batteries before trying anything crazy then these two batteries are all yours...Feel free to buzz around on the floor how you like and in what direction you choose. Tilt the swash, turn the tail, slide around in your favorite direction. Make sure your in control, calm and focused. And enjoy yourself.

On the tenth pack we are going to fly. But take a second and look back at what you have accomplished? Are you still nervous when your helicopter spins up? Is it still the Man killing death trap it once appeared?

By now you should not be afraid of the controls as you add throttle. You now know what to expect as it spins up. You know how much power to apply and how much cyclic to add and how sensitive your control are.. You know what to do to hold the heli in place and how to slide it around...And in these last two batteries your fear factor has dropped even more..Are you still excited? Are you still having fun...Are you ready to fly? Take a deep breath and picture it lifting off very gently and in control....That's what's next

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