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The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine was formed by a group of physicians practicing the developing specialty of hyperbaric medicine who noticed the need for a national professional organization dedicated to serving as a medical specialty society. The ACHM has worked to develop an image of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a distinct medical specialty, often requiring full time practice.

Our officers are dedicated to establishing relationships with Medicare carriers in states where the ACHM has members. The ACHM recruited physicians to serve on Medicare advisory committees that advise HCFA on payment policies and practice issues.

Best hyperbaric practices were described in additional Preferred Practice Protocols for Hyperbaric Medicine that were developed by ACHM member doctors. Such protocols provided a basic description of how and when to use hyperbarics to aid patients with specific ailments. These protocols, distributed throughout the U.S., included hundreds of references to key studies that proved the effectiveness of hyperbarics in certain conditions.

Quality assurance and improvement in the practice of hyperbaric medicine is an integral part of the mission of the ACHM. ACHM's officers and members include individuals who developed an examination being used to provide additional certification in hyperbaric medicine to hyperbaric physicians. They have also set basic training standards for hyperbaric physicians who practice clinical hyperbarics. To date, over 3,500 individuals have been trained and credentialed through the ACHM. These standards have been adopted by numerous hyperbaric facilities, and by third party payers. The ACHM hopes to build upon the work of its members to improve the quality and practice of hyperbaric medicine. 

The ACHM endorses these wound care and hyperbaric medicine publications: