, President - Mr. Doyle, who holds advanced degrees in petroleum engineering and geology, founded American Energy in 1984. He later incorporated the company in Texas primarily for the purpose of undertaking programs to purchase gas and oil properties throughout the U.S. and their subsequent development and operation for industrial investors, with special emphasis on gas supply for feedstock and fuel.  Since 1991, much of Mr. Doyle’s efforts have been concentrated in Russia and Central Asia involving horizontal development drilling, field redevelopment, well repair and other similar projects involving oil production. Most of his earlier career was spent with major oil companies and a large diversified chemical company as noted below. 

Shell Oil Company – over 15 years of his initial experience in the oil industry involved engineering and managerial positions throughout the U.S. with Shell. He designed and implemented a number of development drilling programs for the production of oil and gas fields, waterflooding of oil reservoirs, chemical and thermal projects. The regions of activity included: the Illinois Basin; the Central and Northern Rocky Mountain Region; the Midcontinent Area; West Texas Basins; Onshore and Offshore Gulf Coast Region; Eastern New Mexico; the Santa Maria and Ventura Basins of California; and the Alaska Cook Inlet. He utilized both his geological and engineering academic backgrounds to generate highly profitable projects in these diverse regions. His areas of expertise was and continues to be in reservoir engineering, drilling, subsurface geology, financing and project economics. Earlier he was a drilling engineer with Shell where most of his experience was gained in the Illinois and Midcontinent areas prior to undertaking reservoir engineering assignments. Mr. Doyle developed several of Shell’s first technical computer programs for determining the production performance of oil and gas reservoirs, two of which included a means to predict oil producing rates from waterflooding oil reservoirs and the testing and performance prediction of natural gas wells, both of which were widely used in the company. Mr. Doyle and his staff completed a number major reservoir numerical simulation studies on producing oil and gas fields that resulted in the recovery substantial additional reserves for the company. He has authored over 20 engineering and other technical publications both within Shell and in the Society of Petroleum Engineers Journals.

 Hess Corporation – Mr. Doyle became Manager of International Operations and later Vice President in New York where he reported directly to the company’s president and chairman, Mr. Leon Hess. During his four year position at the Hess Corporation New York office he was directly responsible for the exploration and production operations in Labrador, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, the UK and Norwegian North Sea, North Africa, Iran and Abu Dhabi. The Peruvian operation was a 2.5 million acre exploration venture where over 900 personnel were assigned to the Amazon jungle area to undertake geophysical seismic operations and exploration drilling. The program resulted in an oil discovery that was later purchased by others. Mr. Doyle was responsible for the 25% Hess ownership in the Oasis Corporation that produced over 1,000,000 barrels per day or about 48% of Libya’s total. The very successful Libyan North Africa operations had an annual capital and operating budget of some $180 million for 14 large oilfields.  He was also responsible for the Hess North Sea investments that produced a total of over 350,000 net barrels per day to the company account. Mr. Doyle was the Hess representative and part of a small team that discovered and developed the highly successful, 2.1 billion barrel, 2.8 TCF Beryl Field, UK North Sea where Hess owned 22.2% of the field. The giant Beryl Field was discovered based on a unique seismic “bright spot” technique and used the first known concrete offshore production and storage platform built by Condeep, Norway that saved a considerable amount of capital compared to a steel structure. The North Sea was the most profitable area of Hess operations at that time. The offshore Abu Dhabi ABK Field was discovered by the Total-Hess-Sunningdale combine of which Mr. Doyle was a member. This Persian Gulf field resulted in the reserve addition of about 550 million barrels, of which the Hess 25% share was 138 million barrels.       

W.R. Grace – Mr. Doyle became Vice President of Engineering and Development of the Natural Resources Group, where the objective was to enter the oil and gas business through the purchase of producing properties for production improvement and also to buy undeveloped reserves for development drilling. Operations were managed from the head office in New York and Dallas with subsidiary division offices in Houston, Denver and Oklahoma City. The five years as Vice President for W. R. Grace was spent by Mr. Doyle and his staff in the head office locating, analyzing and negotiating the purchase of gas and oil properties worth over $1.0 billion in current dollars and overseeing their subsequent development. Mr. Doyle was in charge of the technical and operational functions of the three divisions made up of over 600 technical, administrative and operating personnel that reported to the head office where he was manager. This was a highly successful operation, partially because oil and gas properties were purchased prior to significant increases in oil and gas prices. Total production for the Natural Resources Group started at less than 3,000 barrels per day and five years later increased to over 155,000 barrels equivalent per day with total reserve additions in excess of 280 million net barrels of oil equivalent over the five year period.   

Barber Oil Exploration – A New York stock listed company that Mr. Doyle joined as president in New York and Houston prior to founding American Energy. Barber purchased ownership in a license block in offshore Louisiana that resulted in discovery of the Cognac Field, operated by Shell Oil Company. Production from this field added about 50% to Barber’s revenue. This was the first well to be discovered in deep water at a depth of 1,025 feet in late 1975 with first production in early 1979. Gross reserves were estimated to be about 138 million barrels. Earlier Barber had a large ownership in the giant heavy oil reserves of the Orinoco heavy oil deposit in Venezuela.

American Energy Investment Group – Mr. Doyle founded American Energy in 1984 as a Texas corporation. The company develops programs for and invests in, horizontal development drilling, field redevelopment, well repair and other similar projects in existing oil and gas fields both in the U.S. and overseas. The company also purchases producing and undeveloped oil and gas reserves for itself and its industry partners. In addition, American Energy undertakes programs with refiners and natural gas end users for the purchase of producing and undeveloped U.S. oil and gas reserves for fuel and feedstock supply where the company maintains equity ownership in the oil and gas reserves. American Energy has been doing business under that name since 1984 and was incorporated in Texas during 1996. The company is an independent oil and gas firm located at 1330 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 1600, Houston, Texas and 37 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow, Russia. American Energy Reserve Consultants, an affiliate company, has been doing business under that name since 1980 and was incorporated in Texas during July 1984 for the purpose of undertaking domestic and international geological, engineering, and economic appraisals of oil and gas reservoirs for its own account and to undertake property acquisition, drilling and development operations with others. 

During its first ten years of operation, American Energy's main line of activity in the U.S. was concerned primarily with the locating, appraising, negotiating and acquiring of gas and oil reserves, mainly for industrial end-users and itself.  American Energy, through an associated company, Interocean Oil of New York, earlier developed oil and gas reserves acquisition programs with the Monsanto Company and St. Joe Minerals wherein the company held an equity ownership in the operations.  The company also developed similar programs with Partners Oil Company, Prairie Producing Company and Gill Petroleum.

            American Energy later executed gas sales contracts for itself worth over $13 million per year each with Philadelphia Electric Company and Long Island Lighting Company, which were based on the joint purchase of producing gas reserves. 

Mr. Doyle's initial experience in Russia began during 1973 as Manager and later Vice President of International Operations for Hess Corporation where he undertook reservoir performance and development drilling for the Project North Star in the Urengoyskoya Gas Field, Western Siberia, which was and remains the world's largest natural gas producing complex.  Since 1991 American Energy has been actively involved in a number of development drilling, well repair, water floods and natural gas plant refurbishment programs in Russia and Central Asia.

As an example of its operations, American Energy initiated a 600 oil well redevelopment, drilling and equipment supply program with National Petroleum, a Swiss independent on behalf of Nizhnevartovskneftegaz (now TNK-BP) in the Samotlor Field, a 21 billion barrel giant oilfield in Western Siberia, the largest in Russia. The total cost of the program was approximately $125,000,000 and the resulting increase in oil production was over 50,000 barrels per day which qualifies it as one of the most successful well repair programs in Western Siberia at that time. American Energy performed all engineering and other technical studies, business negotiations, contract work, bidding, financing, hiring of employees, start-up operations and program surveillance. American Energy also conducted oil field development feasibility studies and program surveillance on a number of prospects in the Tomskneftegas area of authority, one, being the Krapivinskoye Field was later placed under a successful development drilling program involving over 200 wells.

The above Samotlor Field operation was followed by American Energy becoming involved in additional development drilling and well repair and equipment programs, one of which included a large U.S. oilfield service company. That program resulted in a $443,000,000 well repair operation financed under the support of the U.S. Export-Import Bank and was successfully completed.

Excluding the above service company program, American energy has been involved in or otherwise has been the originator and investor in seven major Russian drilling and well repair projects totaling $688,000,000 that have been completed, or are in the final design, or start up phase. As part of its operations in Russia since 1991, the company was involved in eight smaller projects and has examined over 90 proposed projects for potential development. Following are Russian companies that have been and continue to be Russian associates of American Energy: Kondpetroleum (TNK-BP), Nygan City; Tomskneftegaz (Rosneft), Tomsk; Nizhnevartovskneftefaz (TNK-BP), Nizhnevartovsk; Orenburgneft, Orenburg; Uzbekneft, Tashkent; Bashneft, Bashkir; Komitek (LukOil), Komi; Priobneft (TNK-BP), Nizhnevartovsk; and Chernorgorneft (TNK-BP), Nizhnevartovsk.

American Energy is currently involved in the drilling of horizontal oil wells in existing oil fields and the repair of oil wells with the objective of increasing both producing oil rates and reserves. American Energy normally deals with Russian independent oil companies that do not have the capital, equipment or expertise to drill horizontal wells that result in greatly improved oil producing rates and reserves compared to conventional vertical wells. Although the company undertakes programs of this type in the U.S., much of its activity beginning in late 1991 has been in Russia and Central Asia where there are large numbers of fields requiring this type of activity and where financing and insurance through western banks can be more attractive than in the U.S.

General – Mr. Doyle served as a technical expert for major oil companies, testifying  before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the Texas Railroad Commission and the Department of Energy, Washington, D.C. where he represented the companies by providing expert testimony. He has delivered technical papers before the Society of Petroleum Engineers at their annual meetings in the U.S. Mr. Doyle received an M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, an M.S. in Geology from the University of Texas, and a B.S. with honors in Geology from the University of Texas.  He is a licensed professional engineer, State of Texas and is a Legion of Honor Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

American Energy, a Texas corporation, is a privately held organization owned 100% by Mr. Robert E. Doyle, 1330 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 1600, Houston, Texas.

Robert A. Burton
Mr. Burton's oil industry experience includes both domestic and foreign operations. More recently, Mr. Burton was involved in field studies for well repair operations in Western Siberia. His first seven years of experience was with Shell Oil in West Texas, first as a General Petroleum Engineer followed by four years as a Reservoir Engineer, which included water and gas injection projects. Most of Mr. Burton's next three years were spent in Kuwait, where he had the technical direction of all reservoir engineering studies performed for the Kuwait Oil Company, including the maintenance of the producing potential for all oil wells. This was followed by a total of seven years with Gulf Oil Company, first in their Hamarville Research Laboratory as Group Leader undertaking numerical reservoir simulation studies, followed by developing Gulf's first well completion and reservoir stimulation school for worldwide operations, and finally in Houston as Director of Gulf's Production Engineering functions. Mr. Burton's next five years were employed by Occidental Petroleum where the majority of this time was spent in Tripoli, Libya as Supervisor of Operations and Reservoir Engineering on a number of newly discovered oil fields. His last year with Oxy was spent in Houston, having the responsibility for engineering, economics and planning for the Gulf Coast, West Texas and Mid-Continent regions. Mr. Burton's last eight years prior to independent consulting was spent with Maxus Energy Corp. in Jakarta, Indonesia; Dallas, Texas and Tunis, Tunisia, where he was General Manager. Mr. Burton received a B.S. in Mining Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Pennsylvania State University

            Joseph C. Hugo
Mr. Hugo spent the first five years of his career in the oil industry with the Atlantic Richfield Company as an operations engineer in Casper, Wyoming. He became a production engineer with Husky Oil Company in Cody, Wyoming and was later promoted to field superintendent of their Rocky Mountain operations. Mr. Hugo became manager of engineering and operations with Christmann Energy. He became an independent consultant for foreign and domestic operations, where his experience included drilling coordinator for Occidental Petroleum in the Pechora Basin, Komi Republic of Russia, operations manager for Hondo Magdalena Oil & Gas Co. in Bogota, Columbia, in addition to a number of drilling, completion, facility construction and secondary recovery projects in the Rocky Mountain area. Mr. Hugo's experience includes the engineering and management of directional and horizontal drilling, underbalanced and sour products drilling, drilling with air and foam, completion and workover design operations, and production equipment including beam pumping, gas lift, submersible and hydraulic pumping. Mr. Hugo received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology and is a Registered Petroleum Engineer, State of Wyoming.

            H. Wayne Stafford
Mr. Stafford received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the Mississippi State University and is the past director of the Mississippi Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He served as an expert in Petroleum Engineering before the Louisiana Conservation Commission, Mississippi Oil and Gas Board and the Federal District Court, Alexandria, Louisiana. Mr. Stafford spent the first six years of his career with the California Company (now ChevronTexaco) as a drilling engineer and supervisor in the Gulf of Mexico. He became a special projects engineer involving drilling, production and completion techniques where he conducted studies involving sour gas and oil production and acid fracturing of carbonate reservoirs for the California Company. Mr. Stafford was affiliated with Pruett & Hughes and Pruett Production Company, where his responsibilities varied from field engineer to production manager and vice president. He authored the Alabama Oil and Gas Board rules governing their gas well allowable structure. Mr. Stafford negotiated with Kogalymnaftegaz in Western Siberia, Russia in order to establish a joint venture development project. More recently he has been a drilling consultant and rig supervisor to British Petroleum, Arco and Shared Services in the Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska.

            Patrick K. Greaney
Mr. Greaney's industry experience is in the areas of production, reservoir and facilities engineering, which consists of three years as a Mechanical Engineer with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, ten years as a Reservoir and Production Engineer with the Exxon Company USA and two years as a Production and Facilities Engineer with Paragon Engineering Services. Mr. Greaney's involvement as a Facilities Engineer included the following assignments: wellbore paraffin control; safety management; design of offshore sour gas processing; design of offshore sour oil production facilities; heavy oil production; design, fabrication and installation of offshore natural gas facilities; and served as Lead Project Engineer in the design and construction phases on several projects. Mr. Greaney's experience as a Reservoir Engineer included the planning and implementation of reservoir management and surveillance programs that involved workover and drilling programs both onshore and offshore. As a Production Engineer, Mr. Greaney designed workover programs consisting of drilling rig operations, workover and snubbing operations, well stimulations, and wireline operations. Mr. Greaney received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. He is a licensed professional engineer, State of Texas.

          Steve R. Carpenter
Mr. Carpenter’s oil and gas field experience includes both domestic and foreign. More recently Mr. Carpenter was employed as a Production Operator in the Vanyogan Field, Western Siberia by Occidental Russia Ltd. where he supervised well testing operations in addition to undertaking and training the Russian staff in equipment operation, maintenance and design of production equipment. Also he recently worked for Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria in restoring oil production through well workovers. Some nine years of Mr. Carpenter's earlier experience was as a production engineer and well test engineer in California for Santa Fe Energy, Bechtel Petroleum and Williams Brothers Engineering. The first six years of his employment was with Halliburton Resource Management, Trans-Ocean Oil Company, Mobil Oil and Mirada Management in the Texas Gulf Coast and South Texas areas in production equipment sizing, installation and servicing, reservoir engineering, oil and gas operations, including well restoration. Mr. Carpenter received a B.S. in Natural Gas Engineering from Texas A & I University.

          Robert L. Borden
Mr. Borden has industry experience, both in domestic and international operations, as an engineer and an engineering manager. He was district manager, pipeline superintendent, purchasing manager and production manager during the 12 year period he spent with Kenting Oilfield Services in Denver, Colorado. He then became operations manager for Ranger Resources, Billings, Montana, where he managed all of their Canadian and U.S. production for 10 years. While with Ram River, Corpus Christi, Texas, as manager for eight years he undertook projects in Scotland, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia that involved the purchase of major equipment and service supply contracts. Mr. Borden then served as operations manager for North American Natural Crude, Inc. where he managed well workovers, completion and the purchase of project equipment and supplies. He specializes in well workovers and production facilities design, installation and operation. Mr. Borden received his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California. Mr. Borden is a licensed professional engineer, State of Texas.

          Alexander B. Anikin
Mr. Anikin's engineering career began with employment as a technical expert in the Moscow organization, Sapphire Research Institute. He became a senior engineer involved in the design and application of electronic and radio electronic systems. Mr. Anikin joined the Delta Research Institute as a senior designer of electronic engineering systems, followed by the appointment to senior project engineer in the design department of semiconductor systems. He joined the Formosa Integration Corporation as manager of the marketing department where he was responsible for marketing electronic products throughout Russia. Mr. Anikin became a freelance business agent whereupon he began the undertaking of establishing business relationships between Russian and foreign enterprises specializing in technical equipment. Mr. Anikin received a B.S. in Mechanic Engineering (Highest Level) from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Machine Building. He is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages.

         Sergei V. Ivanov
Mr. Ivanov's experience began working as a senior researcher for the Scientific-Industrial Enterprise Institute for three years, which included design and testing programs to insure the safety and reliability of spacecraft. This was followed by work as assistant to the head of administration for Arnold and Porter, a U.S. law firm for three years. He then became administrative manager and logistics coordinator for MD Seis for a period of four years where he worked in the Tyumen Region. Mr. Ivanov accepted the position of logistics coordinator with the Gloucester Company, Nicosia, Cyprus for a period of three years. He became an independent consultant following his experience with Gloucester. Mr. Ivanov received both a B.S. (Magna Cum Laude) and a Ph.D. in Spacecraft Design and Testing from the Moscow Aviation Institute.