Tom Kovach
May 11, 2006
STOP Hillary NOW!!
By Tom Kovach

Since 1993, when she tried to become the tzarina of government-sponsored health care, I have suspected that Hillary Clinton wanted to become the President of the United States. Since the mid-1990s when one of her best friends, Judith Hope, moved from Little Rock to New York, and then "suddenly" became the chairman of the NY Democratic Party I was confident that the fix was in. Since 1999, when she bilked the taxpayers in a phony "listening tour" scam to launch her campaign, there was no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Clinton was going to use a run for the US Senate as a stepping stone toward the Oval Office. Now, in 2006, the tiger is officially coming out of the bag.

I like the writings of Jim Kouri. He is reasoned, articulate, and has an amazing array of sources. In a recent column, he demonstrated that people on both the Left and the Right are trying to stop Senator Hillary Clinton from becoming president. The amazing part was that even some on the Left think that she is power-mad, and that her presidency would become totalitarian. His column was very aptly titled, "Stopping Hillary Clinton is all the rage." (She tends to inspire rage in many people.)

The bottom line, from any angle you wish, is that Hillary Clinton must be stopped. I have dubbed her quest for the Oval Office as "The Long March". (For those that have neglected Sun Tzu's advice to "know your enemy," the Long March was the key event that solidified the power of the Chinese Communist Party, and specifically the power of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung. If there is any doubt in your mind that Hillary Clinton is a solid Communist, then you simply haven't read enough of her own words.) She has been positioning herself to run for president for many years certainly before her 2000 senate campaign, and probably before she became First Lady. And, for those that think Bill Clinton was a dangerous Communist (he was!), I give you this analogy. If Bill Clinton was a bear in the woods, then Hillary Clinton is a mother bear running straight at you!

why Nashville?

Coming soon, on Tue, 23 May 2006, the "official" presidential campaign fundraising drive of Hillary Clinton will begin. The part that amazes me is that it will begin in Nashville, Tennessee. The official statement from a campaign strategist is that it will prove that Democrats can still get strong voter support in the South. (The fact that she feels the need to prove that speaks volumes about the progress of the conservative message in recent years.) But, could there be a hidden message? With Hillary, there is always a hidden message. The question is: can we decipher it?

Here is an educated guess. I say educated because I organized the very first anti-Hillary campaign rally in NY State a month before her stealth "listening tour" even began. That "tour" was then unveiled, months later, as a campaign for the US Senate. (You can read some of the details in "Staple down the tablecloths!") (More details are available in "Short Bursts: Volume 05-01")

(Note: for the detail-minded, there is a slight glitch in "Staple down the tablecloths." The column was written in late December, 2003. But, it was not published until early January, 2004. Thus, it erroneously refers to "next year's presidential elections." I had no control over the publishing date.)

Nashville is the political home of Al Gore (he grew up in Carthage, but owns a home in the wealthy Belle Meade area of Nashville). It is also the home of the Music Row Democrats famous people that don't list their names on their group's Web site. (Hmmmm. I wonder why. Can you say, "Boycott the Dixie Chicks?") On the surface, country music has long been the realm of conservatives. But, for those of us that live in the area, we can see that many Leftists ride on the backs of those conservative singers. So, there is a lot of money available to Hillary as a result, and she is coming to Music City to collect it.

To describe the mind of Hillary Clinton, I like to use a quote from a high-ranking KGB source, who described his former boss, Mikhail Gorbachev, thusly, "He has a nice smile, but teeth of iron." Al Gore is caught in her trap. If the fundraiser succeeds, then Hillary can proudly proclaim, "You see, I don't need Al Gore." If the fundraiser fails, then Hillary can fume, "You see, Al Gore has alienated the Democrats in his own home town." Either way, Gore is brushed aside early in the "official" campaign.

My guess is that Hillary will bring along her old ally from Little Rock: General Wesley Clark. Why? Because there is a strong military presence in and around Nashville. Fort Campbell, a key resource in the War Against Terrorism, is an hour's drive from downtown. As the state capital, Nashville is home to many Guard and Reserve units. And, it is an intensely patriotic city. (During my own military career, I met more people from the Nashville area than from any other single area in the country. That was one reason why I moved here in 2001, after Hillary got elected in New York.) If he comes, Clark's presence will be to pull the patriotic Southern Democrats right into Hillary's web. (Of course, anyone associated with the Clintonistas in any way is suspect. To learn more about Clark's hidden Leftist side, read: "Wesley Clark: Discharge Immediately!")


I've used Hillary's double-edged strategies to describe the potential "blowback" to my own opponent, Congressman Jim Cooper. If he stands with Hillary at her fundraiser, then he proves that he is too far to the Left to be elected again. (Especially after he voted against HR-4437, the Border Security bill.) If he doesn't stand with her, then he proves that he is disloyal to the Leftists that are attracted to Hillary. Either way, if she comes to Nashville, she will almost certainly push the Reagan Democrat votes to me. (Thanks!)

So far, the local news media has ignored my News Release about my plans to conduct an anti-Hillary demonstration. That shouldn't surprise anyone that has followed my campaign. I filed my FEC papers on the 23rd of January, and have sent out seven campaign News Releases so far. But, there has not been one mention of my campaign in the local news media. (They also did not publicize my planned boycott of Walgreen's for supporting the "Gay" Games. But, they sure did publicize the illegal aliens' planned boycott of American businesses!)

So, it won't surprise me if the news media makes no mention of my plans for an anti-Hillary rally on the 23rd of May. That is why this column is so necessary. (The Internet is a great leveler. That's why the UN wants to control it, and why they want to put Communist China in charge of the effort.) Please send this column to all your friends, and encourage them to join my anti-Hillary rally.

Here is the plan. Wear blue denim overalls! I'm serious. They are cheap, and almost everyone in middle Tennessee owns at least one set. That will show a uniform appearance. Wear a bright colored T-shirt ideally, a white one with an American flag showing. (Sure, you can bring a small flag to wave by hand.) If you are a military veteran, wear your uniform hat. (There is no rule prohibiting that.) Wear boots. (Yes, I know that it might be warm that day. If you must, wear short-leg overalls. But, farmers endure discomfort all summer long, so that you and I can eat.) Boots make noise. If you are a military NCO veteran, and if you plan to attend the rally, then please contact me via the Web site mail form. (I want to employ your marching experience to help those without it.)

I have contacted the Nashville mayor's office to request a parade permit. (Did the illegal aliens have permits anywhere in the country? If so, how did they get them?) There are two parks in close proximity to the fundraising location. My plan is to march between the two parks, thus surrounding the fundraiser with anti-Hillary chants. In May of 1999, with only two hundred people, we filled downtown Binghamton, NY, with echoing chants of, "Go home! Go home!" An alternative chant for Music City will be a bit more lyrical: "Hillary... no more! Just like... Al Gore!"

Whether we have a permit or not, we will rally near "the bells" at the north end of Bicentennial Park. Parking should be available at lunchtime on a Tuesday. (It would be even more plentiful if the State of Tennessee would give legal citizens the day off, as California did for state workers supporting illegal aliens on Communist May Day.) We will march along Jefferson Street, and then cross it going north. We will march toward Morgan Park, and circle back. The fundraiser is located in between. (It is planned for a place called "Enchanted Gingerbread." Sounds like a place that would invite a witch.) We will continue that short circuit during the length of Hillary's stay in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is compact, and has mixed use. (There are industrial buildings, and historic homes.) The terrain is slightly sloped toward downtown. Thus, if we have a few hundred rally participants, the chants should be heard by all the Democrats inside the State Capitol, which is only a few blocks away.

By the way, I hate to bring this up, but it will cost money to buy advertising for this rally. (Given the media's track record, the only way that I'll get the word out to the local area is to pay for it myself.) Considering that being anti-Communist, anti-illegal-alien, and anti-abortion are all planks of my campaign platform, a rally against Hillary Clinton is also a rally in favor of Kovach for Congress. So, contributions to my campaign may be used to promote both my campaign and the anti-Hillary rally. (If it turns out that some minor technical rule prohibits such financial activity, then I'll simply start a separate group with a separate Web site. Right now, though, I don't think that is necessary.) Even a contribution as small as five dollars, when teamed with many other such contributions, can go a long way toward electing Tom Kovach and stopping Hillary Clinton.

And, a vote for Tom Kovach is a vote for being vigilant in Congress, in case there should ever be a need to impeach another President Clinton.

As far as her side is concerned, the fight is on. (It has been for years.) The question is, will our side feel the same way? If you think so, then join the team! (If you are planning to come from a long distance for this rally, please contact me. The person that comes the farthest will get to address the crowd with me.) See you at Bicentennial Park!

© Tom Kovach


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