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BeyoncéCrazy in Love (feat. Jay-Z) Loved track Yesterday 11:31am
BeyoncéIrreplaceable Loved track Yesterday 11:28am
BeyoncéGreen Light Loved track Yesterday 11:24am
BeyoncéFreakum Dress Loved track Yesterday 11:21am
BeyoncéUpgrade U Loved track Yesterday 11:16am
BeyoncéDeja Vu Loved track Yesterday 11:12am
BeyoncéKitty Kat Loved track Yesterday 11:08am
BeyoncéRing the Alarm Loved track Yesterday 11:06am
BeyoncéSuga Mama Loved track Yesterday 11:02am
BeyoncéGet Me Bodied Loved track Yesterday 10:59am
Justin TimberlakeLove Stoned / I Think She Knows 26 Jul 9:06pm
Justin TimberlakeLike I Love You 26 Jul 9:02pm
Justin TimberlakeWhat Goes Around, Comes Around 26 Jul 8:56pm
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex / LoveSound 26 Jul 8:52pm
CiaraGet Up [Feat Chamillionaire] 26 Jul 8:48pm
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  • AhmadBahaaElDin

    You are Welcome. ;)

    26 Jul 10:10pm Reply
  • AhmadBahaaElDin

    I'm good, U ? yes I can. ;) Here are the links: http://adf.ly/RWcs http://adf.ly/RWdEE You are welcome. :)

    25 Jul 1:22pm Reply
  • BigChoupique

    HEY, ya girl... How's things goin? Still no computer at home and I come to the library less often now because I get few emails. It's too too hot here. Waiting for Autumn. Hope you're doing well. Write to my email and tell me about your sexy self :P

    16 Jul 9:16pm Reply
  • BigChoupique

    I'm sorry to hear that, but after two years struggle perhaps it was time and a relief, you know? Things are going well here. The weather is too hot, but other than that everyone is well. I'm thinking to buy a little wading pool for the dogs : ) .... I hope you're staying away from those demonstrations before someone goes crazy and lots of people get hurt. Take care of yourself.

    24 Jun 3:30pm Reply
  • HenriqueKober

    UP ? http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Beyonc%C3%A9/+images/89410917 thanks!

    22 Jun 7:20pm Reply
  • BigChoupique

    Hey ya, Biyatches : )

    22 Jun 4:11pm Reply
  • MariahFan

    Hi! how are you? (:

    18 Jun 9:46am Reply
  • BigChoupique

    All that over a park being renovated??? You Turkish girlz are a little too hot-blooded for me :P

    6 Jun 5:12pm Reply
  • BigChoupique

    That photo is awful. Stay away from that stuff. Ozzie is having surgery this morning; nothing too serious. You can come here and recover with him :P .... I hope your surgery is not serious and so good luck. Let me know how you are and what is happening in Turkey. Without the Internet I have no idea what's happening in the world (not that that is entirely a bad thing....) Best wishes and big kisses.

    4 Jun 3:44pm Reply
  • BigChoupique

    Hey ya, girl. ...I'm experimenting with not having Internet at home... and I have to say I like it. I get so much more done. Email me if you want. I still come to the library every few days and check my mail. ....Sure, I'll marry you; but what's that boy-friend of yours gonna think about it? I'm afraid he'll have to sleep outside on the porch .... and those sounds you'll make will drive him crazy lol ..... Hava good one; hope all is well.

    1 Jun 4:46pm Reply
  • BigChoupique

    My computer is still not fixed and I only come here from the Library to check for messages... and not too often for that. I've been working on the fence around my property and walking the dogs : ) . . . .. How are you and Mr. Right getting along? I'm still waiting for my chance to marry you :P

    25 May 5:15pm Reply
  • BigChoupique

    o _ o

    22 May 5:06pm Reply
  • BeyonceBiscate

    Accepted :D

    19 May 10:46pm Reply
  • MariahFan

    WOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMmYCKlHuKM

    16 May 5:10pm Reply
  • MariahFan

    Hi! how are you?

    16 May 12:57pm Reply
  • MariahFan

    indeed (:

    14 May 9:02pm Reply
  • MariahFan

    not at all, I do not mind about giving my name, just not in public messages, in my fake facebook for example some of the things I have been written are full truth like my name.

    14 May 8:14pm Reply
  • MariahFan

    I am fine <3 how are you? do you have facebook? if so and you want to send me the link send it to my profile (you can create a fake one if you want to). how was your day?

    14 May 8:04pm Reply
  • HenriqueKober

    Vota aí ;) http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Beyonc%C3%A9/+images/89410917 thaaanks!

    13 May 1:14am Reply
  • MariahFan

    How are you?

    10 May 11:48am Reply
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