1. true that dictators r being supported by western govs, doesn't mean we shud give in and accept our fates as subjects

  2. the Arab spring works.. Its successful everywhere Arabs are protesting against oppression and calling for their freedom

  3. the greatest achievement of the Arabspring is the rise of the Arab ppls, even if the dictators don't fall quickly

  4. The ppl of suffer, but do not give up. "9umood" through it all.. we sacrifice for freedom & democracy

  5. has asthma and takes a risk to participate in protests and funerals, where he is usually exposed to teargas

  6. why can't people in bury their dead without being shot at and gassed? This is truly despicable behaviour

  7. the body of little Qassim is buried in an empty graveyard, the graveyard is surrounded by riot police

  8. Mourners sing for Qassim "little boy.. white heart, red blood, wat was ur crime?"

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