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Bianca Santos

Talent Number:
Los Angeles, CA
5' 5"
Body type:
Latin American
Dark Brown
Dress :
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Bianca Santos's Modeling Jobs, Acting Auditions and Additional Experience

About Me: Brazilian/Cuban/American female living in Los Angeles with a passion for acting.

Short Resume: Small role in the Television show 1000 Ways To Die:

Bianca Santos's Modeling Jobs Pictures and Videos for Acting Auditions & Casting Calls

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Community Buzz

Stuart @ 4:46PM
hey everyone, mind voting for me for best male eyes? thanks :)
Gabriella @ 4:30PM
hi geryh
Geryh Hurricane @ 4:29PM
Gerlie @ 4:28PM
ah ok...
J.r. @ 4:26PM
they want you to have a home studio and travel for features and animation
Gerlie @ 4:25PM
yah ur right...
J.r. @ 4:24PM
vo is a whole different world not like in front of camra at all
Gerlie @ 4:24PM
hahaha...your voice is good..really good...
J.r. @ 4:22PM
will i dont like my voice but william morris likes me
Gerlie @ 4:20PM
ok. thanks for that jr...
Gerlie @ 4:19PM
i did listen to your voice demo, i want to try voice over as well...
J.r. @ 4:19PM
im sending a friend request to you so if i hear something i'll let you know
Gerlie @ 4:18PM
i'm willing to travel to different state..
J.r. @ 4:17PM
you should be able to hear my voice demos
Gerlie @ 4:17PM
that's my plan...
J.r. @ 4:16PM
you have to travel and take on anything to get you around the right people
J.r. @ 4:15PM
ive been complaining and now they are jumping alittle
Gerlie @ 4:15PM
ah ok..
J.r. @ 4:14PM
no but im going to get some coaching this work is in front of camra
Gerlie @ 4:14PM
hi ryan...
Gerlie @ 4:14PM
you don't have a rep from this site?
J.r. @ 4:13PM
you need to get on line with casting agents and get an agent to rep you
Ryan @ 4:13PM
Gerlie @ 4:13PM
nothing from this site?
Gerlie @ 4:12PM
ah ok, with voice over did you go some schooling for that?
J.r. @ 4:12PM
i still got nothing from this site
J.r. @ 4:11PM
i started in 70s on and off sense i stay busy mostly voice
J.r. @ 4:10PM
i got to up date pictures i lost 30 lbs sense we shot these
Gerlie @ 4:09PM
how long it took you jr to have your first project?
J.r. @ 4:08PM
i think im going on banshee mon not sure yet
J.r. @ 4:07PM
yeah i play a school teacher
Gabriella @ 4:07PM
hi jr! nice :)
Gerlie @ 4:07PM
nice jr...
J.r. @ 4:05PM
going to work on homeland series tomorrow 7:30am call
Gerlie @ 4:05PM
no problem...i will,...
Gabriella @ 4:04PM
when you are in a contest you must tell me to vote for you!! :)
Gerlie @ 4:03PM
you're welcome..thanks as well..
Gabriella @ 4:03PM
you are awesome!!!
Gabriella @ 4:02PM
thank you so much gerlie!!! :)
Gerlie @ 4:02PM
your awesome with your pics
Gabriella @ 4:01PM
cool! :)
Gerlie @ 4:01PM
i will have my headshot next week...
Gabriella @ 3:56PM
Gerlie @ 3:56PM
that's good...keep on reading english book and watch english movie it will help
Gerlie @ 3:55PM
yup, people here are nice..
Gabriella @ 3:55PM
i wanna make some school to learn much better english :)
Gerlie @ 3:54PM
my education in the philippines doesnt have a bearing here
Gabriella @ 3:54PM
what u wanna study?
Gabriella @ 3:54PM
the people from America is very friendly!
Gerlie @ 3:53PM's hard to look for a nice job, i need to go back school and study


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