107 Upper St
Islington, UK N1 1


Vegetarian breakfast.
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  • Cz2opmaheqlgxt-100
    Critic Review
    Brimming with exotic atmosphere, these ""heaving"" Turkish bistros, in Islington, offer ""tasty"" scoff at ""very... more
  • Kuwyf8psggyr2b-100
    Critic Review
    Gallipoli serve a variety of Turkish and vegetarian dishes as well as a selection of sandwiches, snacks and... more
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    Critic Review
    This restaurant is part of a chain. We haven't more
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    Critic Review
  • Oewxzof1lptqhi-100
    Blogger Review • May 09, 2013
    If you want to share my luck with the ladies, take her here. more
  • Nxl1wrnecc4mzc-100
    Blogger Review • Jul 08, 2009
    A mini empire of Gallipoli restaurants is clustered on Upper street in Islington. There is the original Gallipoli, Gallipoli Cafe and Gallipoli Bazaar. It seems the locals could not get... more
  • Iotaafz43fcnt2-100
    Doesn't like it
    Blogger Review • Oct 02, 2007
    We ordered the Full Meze meal for 2 (£10 per person) and a single order of the mixed grill (around £10, I can’t fully recall). To drink, two of us chose the Turkish apple tea while the... more
  • Jwisurcujcd3ad-100
    Not bazaar at all!
    Likes it
    Diner Review • Jul 01, 2013
    While our waiter was disinterested, surly and vague, I still loved this place and can't wait to go back to try more of the dishes. I do have a spot for a meze platter, and Gallipoli Bazaar definitely delivered. The place itself is quite cute and atmospheric, and would be a great place for a date.
    The dips were extremely fresh and so tasty that we ordered more as we went. The meat was tender and succulent, and the smaller meze items were all flavoursome and interesting. And to top it off, super affordable and great for a casual dinner with friends.
  • Xu6ry7cjotqvji-100
    Phone.44f0f8a Mobile review
    Doesn't like it
    Diner Review • Jul 15, 2012
    This is the one innthe middle of the three, which we tried after being turned away from the one nearest angel where my brother has had a great meal. This one was dark, disorganised (the waitress didn't write down our order so had to come back 10ins later and ask again!), and a bit underwhelming food wise. The grills were tasty but avoid the tagine - watery, no spices, all chicken and not much else - so bland! I think she could tell we were pissed not impressed as they gave us an additional bottle of wine on the house, but then stood over us rushing us out to close. Next time I'll avoid this one in the middle.
  • No_photo_big
    Not great
    Diner Review • Jun 03, 2012
    Vegetarian breakfast. - Ordered the vegetarian breakfast and asked for extra mushrooms instead of toast. They forgot to ask how I wanted my eggs so they brought them to me fried - I was going to get them poached but no biggie. The mushrooms & baked beans all came out on separate dishes, so I put them on my plate myself to make it easier to eat. They forgot the tomato and got slightly confused when I asked them for it. Eventually it came out on a plate with some cold tomatoes too. The mushrooms were really oily and the tomatoes had some kind of spice on them. They also put chips with the breakfast, which is just weird. I think they just don't get what a fry up is supposed to be. The service was okay but a bit off.. when giving me my bill, the guy put it out of arm's reach - not a big deal but there's a lot of little things about the service that add up to just not feeling great about it. I probably won't go back.
  • No_photo_big
    Phone.44f0f8a Mobile review
    Likes it
    Diner Review • Mar 03, 2010
    All three galipolis in a row(20m apart from each other) are perfect! If you don't find a table in one, they send you to another. It's exactly the same menu. I always take the "meze" which are many small plates in a low price. That way you can try almost everything. Definitely highly recommended!
  • No_photo_big
    Phone.44f0f8a Mobile review
    Diner Review • Oct 10, 2009
    Bloody tasty, great atmosphere, excellent service.
  • No_photo_big
    Wont be going back
    Doesn't like it
    Diner Review • Feb 16, 2010
    Decor/place was nice but bad service.
    Went there for valentines set menu and had to ask for the menu, drinks and bill.
    The food was fairly good except for the dessert, respberry creme burlee. It did not look like creme burlee or did it tsste like creme burlee. The waiter didnt even recognise it of the menu.
    The waiter then also avoided our table becuase she was to imbarrassed to collect the dessert, which was pretty much untouched.
    To top it off, we had paid a deposit for the table being valentines day and they had lost the deposit. Took 30mins to find out it had gone to one of the other Gallipoli's restaurants.
    Wont be going back...
  • No_photo_big
    AVOID for Group Bookings
    Doesn't like it
    Diner Review • Sep 11, 2011
    We reserved a table for 12 at Cafe Gallipoli Bazaar last week for a friend's birthday, hoping to have a few drinks and share some Mezze. On arrival we were told that we had to order from a VERY LIMITED and EXPENSIVE set menu - something which had not been mentioned when we called up to book. So all 12 people had to order more food, and pay more than they had anticipated. Bizarrely, the set menu (£14.50) was even more expensive than ordering the SAME items from regular menu. When I pointed this out, the waiter seemed utterly disinterested. So all in all, an expensive evening for not bad, but fairly unexceptional food, very limited choice and the nagging feeling that we had been ripped off and mislead. All to the sound of pounding house music. Service was included, otherwise I wouldn't have left a dime.
  • No_photo_big
    Time of my life!!!!
    Likes it
    Diner Review • Oct 21, 2010
    Went there with my friends on Saturday, the food was delicious and cheap,we started with meze, which was very tasty as well as the mains. Have to come back for Iskender one day!!!! Staff very friendly and helpfull - if you go first time they can advise you what's best.
    We end up dancing on the chairs with
    our waiter and we have lots of fun that night.
  • No_photo_big
    Can't make a reservation until after 1pm...What a Joke!
    Diner Review • Oct 28, 2010
    I have been to Gallipoli on various occasions, the atmosphere is great and the food is delicious.
    I called today to make a lunch time reservation for a colleagues birthday, the line kept ringing out then eventually when someone did answer I asked to make a reservation for 1.30pm for 6 people, was told to call back at 1pm I asked again explaining that it is a 1.30pm reservation his tone was very abrupt and rude then he put the telephone down.
    That is not a way to treat a potential customer and I certainly will not be going back there again.
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