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Sending money abroad is deceptively expensive, thanks to the hidden fees we’ve all been forced to pay. Now TransferWise lets expats, foreign students and businesses transfer money wherever it's needed, at the lowest possible cost. No hidden fees, no headache.

TransferWise lets you move your money abroad at the lowest possible cost. No hidden fees, no headache.

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  • I would definitely recommend it to others!

    I'm an expat myself, and my business helps people relocate to a new country, so TransferWise is a perfect fit. We've saved loads paying our contractors in other parts of Europe, and I would definitely recommend it to others!

    Brynne H, moveguides.com

    Lives in London, makes personal and business transfers

  • I have recommended your service to all my friends and will continue doing so!

    I have been using the service for 12-18 months - I have never encountered any problem and was impressed by the quality of your customer service.

    Damien A, Entrepreneur

    Transfers money between the UK and France

  • I no longer have to worry about expensive money transfer fees & unfair exchange rates

    This is the perfect tool for the fast growing number of globetrotters and international-minded people around the world. I recommend this service to anyone and everyone I meet and it's honestly the best and most practical tool online next to Skype.

    Wendi Li. Proud globetrotter

    Sends money to Germany and the US

  • I've not used another currency exchange company since I discovered TransferWise

    I have found TransferWise has the best exchange rate, even allowing for the small fee, and therefore the best value. It is easy, very quick, and I am very satisfied with the service.

    Geoff G.

    Happily retired, with a 2nd home in France

  • Beats our bank hands down in cost, speed and convenience!

    When running a young business you can't waste your time or your money. We are paying our developers in Portugal and are most impressed by the speed at which TransferWise makes our payments.

    Celso Pinto, gosimpletax.com

    Lives in London, sends money to Portugal and the US

  • Saving £120 per month in bank fees

    I am regularly sending money to France and Austria. It is crazy that I used to queue up at the bank branch, pay £14 or £30 per transfer and get a poor exchange rate.

    Alexandra Thiebaut

    Lives in London, sends money back to France

Using the Skype principle to slash the rates that people pay to send money abroad

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This is how it works. Send your first payment in minutes. No fluff, no jargon, full transparency.

  • Create your transfer

    First you create a transfer on our website. This takes only a couple of minutes – you just tell us how much you’re transferring and where to.
  • Your money

    Next, send your money to TransferWise. You can do this in two ways: upload using your debit card, or make a bank transfer to the TransferWise bank account in your currency.
  • Payment received

    TransferWise makes the conversion and pays the recipient in the required currency. That might be a person, a company, or your own overseas account.
In short, you make a £ 1000.0 deposit to us, we convert it to 1,152.07, deliver it to the recipient within 1-3 working days and you save £ 57.00. That's pretty wise, don't you think?

If this sounds reasonable you can start, or watch a walkthrough video for more info.

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