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Standing Up To Cancer

We raised over $14,000 for the With Kids charity throughout 2012. This year we hope to raise money for Cancer Research UK.


We will soon be launching our new charity appeal and plan on arranging another massive auction to coincide with the show's return in the fall.

If any fans who are artists would like to donate artwork or if you own Once Upon A Time items that you would be willing to part with for a charity auction, please contact us at newsroom@onceuponafans.comLast year a high quality fan made portrait of Robert Carlyle raised nearly £1000 alone! Just by donating a piece of your work, you could make a huge difference!

Deadline for donations is September 3rd in order to give items time to arrive and be processed by us.


We are also reaching out to the cast and crew of Once Upon A Time to consider helping us with this effort so spread the word and stand up to cancer with us.


More info on what Cancer Research UK do can be found via the link: Cancer Research UK

 Join Team OUAF and help us raise money for a great cause. Donate Now.

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Why Stand Up To Cancer?

Cancer has invaded my life all through my life. It took my grandmother when I was 19, my father when I was 20 and so many other loved ones, leaving behind a family forever changed. Each and every one of us has or will have a tale to tell about cancer. Each and every one of us will be affected by it. 

But hope is on the horizon. Technology is evolving everyday. New treatments and therapies are offering real breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. We stand on the brink of finally striking back, improving the survival chances of millions of people around the world. 

Let's stand up together, united in a common goal, to eradicate cancer within our lifetime. 

This year, OUAF is standing up to cancer.

Gareth Hughes, OUAF Editor & Founder

We can now confirm that the auction will take place from September 23rd-29th to coincide with the return of the show for season three.

UK Fans Only

UK Oncers. Whatever mobile network you are on, you can donate simply by texting the unique code below and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.


The crowning jewel of this year's charity auction. A prop replica of Henry's storybook signed by all the cast at San Diego Comic Con this year and filled with amusing little messages. We will be holding a draw for this item to give everyone an equal chance of winning

Check out this amazing Evil Queen doll that OUAF's very own Laura Foster has made especially for the auction. The queen is resplendent in her 'Heart is a Lonely Hunter' outfit and comes complete with her own heart box. Be afraid!

Huge thanks to the Once Upon A Time production office for sending us a signed season two script for the episode 'Broken'. This script is signed by all the main cast members. 

We are looking into having a raffle for this item to give all fans a chance to win it and allowing everyone to take part. 

Thanks to the amazing Tony Amendola, who has donated several 10x8" personally signed photos for the auction.

Big thanks to OUAT's Gerhardt Frankenstein, alias Chad Michael Collins. He has kindly donated a signed blu-ray of his latest movie, 'Company of Heroes' and a signed 10x8" promo.

Huge thanks to Vicki Sele. She has donated 10 wonderful pieces of jewelry for our ‪‎Once Upon A Time‬ charity auction in September for Stand Up 2 Cancer. 

You can check out all her products at http://www.etsy.com/shop/VSArtwear

A massive thank you to Polly Pak who has kindly donated 7 items for our forthcoming Stand Up 2 Cancer auction in September. 

You can check out all her amazing Once Upon A Time inspired jewelry at www.cissypixie.com

Special Mentions to Nancy Pederson, Lauren Anderson, Amy Williams & Titan Books who have all contributed items to the auction.