Akademik / S1 Computer Engineering (Computer System)
S1 Computer Engineering (Computer System)

Computer Engineering Undergraduate Program was established based on the Decree of National Accreditation Board for Higher Education, Department of Education, Republic of Indonesia No. 108/DT/2007 dated January 16th, 2007.
The curriculum of this program is designed with total credits of 144 for 4 years/8 semesters. For students who can maintain their GPA above 3.00 at the end of each semester, the faculty provides them Acceleration Program in which they can undertake their study in 3.5 years/7 semesters. 

V i s i o n s

Become excellent Computer Engineering undergraduate program in South East Asia by the year of 2020 that produces graduates who have Mobile Computing System skills, are able to adjust themselves with the development of updated computer technology.

M i s i o n s
  1. Implement excellent education in South East Asia to produce graduates who are skillful in computer technology and science concerning Mobile Computing System supported by telecommunication, computer network, and embedded system knowledge.   
  2. Conduct international class and research concerning computer engineering based on information technology and computer communication by involving students actively.  
  3. Execute community service with the principle of disseminating research result regarding computer technology and science to community by involving students actively.  
  4. Equip the students with practical knowledge to be able to work, develop themselves, and become entrepreneur in the field of information technology and computer communication.
O b j e c t i v e
  1. Improving competence and competitiveness for servicing industry, community and nation.  
  2. Creating competent and professional graduates who are able to develop themselves and be entrepreneur in the field of computer system.  
  3. Creating creative and innovative works in computer system field according to the demands and needs, nationally and internationally.  
  4. Contributing to industrial development and on the application of computer system.
C o m p e t e n c e
  1. Skills in the application of math, science, and engineering knowledge  
  2. Knowledge on engineering tools for analyzing and solving computer system problem.  
  3. Ability to control the development of computer technology, computer network, and telecommunication.  
  4. Skills to identify, formulate and solve the problem according to professional conducts (using the newest tools in the activity of computer engineering, computer network and telecommunication).      
  5. kills in programming and using software program and software application, including:      
  6. Coding for micro-computer based system, computer network, and telecommunication.      
  7. Mobile Computing in computer network and telecommunication.  
  8. Communication skill (both Indonesia and English) to interact positively both individually and in team.  
  9. Responsibility and work ethics.  
  10. Good attitude and entrepreneurship skills both individually and in team.  
  11. Understanding of any admitted religions in Indonesia.  
  12. General knowledge to understand the influence of engineering solution in social context and global context.  
  13. Willingness for long-life learning and open-mind regarding every development.  
  14. Knowledge regarding the development of contemporary technology in the field of computer system.
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