Akademik / S1 Information System
S1 Information System

Information System program study was established based on the Decree of National Accreditation Board for Higher Education, Department of Education, Republic of Indonesia No. 235/D/O/2007 dated November 30th, 2007.

The curriculum is designed with 145 credits for 4 years/8 semester-length of study. For students who can maintain their GPA above 3.00 at the end of each semester, the faculty provides them Acceleration Program in which they can undertake their study in 3.5 years/7 semesters. 

V i s s i o n s

This program study aims to become the best program study that can provide potential experts in managing ICT industry.

M i s s i o n s

This program study holds educational and research activities, community services, and communication and information industry by providing competent, independent, and cooperative human resources to guarantee the development and improvement of the study program’s quality, accountability, function, and role.


It produces graduates who:

  1. Are knowledgeable and competent in information system, management, and information technology fields.   
  2. Have ability in developing necessary skills to design efficacious information system for organization or business by implementing updated information technology in various applications.  
  3. Are able to think analytically and critically, have good communication and professional ethics.
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