Week 1 Pin redo skinny Frosty

Week 1 Pin redo

I love Pinterest. I am always finding new things on there I want to try.  This week I’m starting a new weekly feature a Pin redo for a month.  I am going to take something I found on Pinterest and try it out myself and let you know how it goes.

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Today I found this Skinny Wendy’s Frosty that I wanted to try.


The recipe seemed really simple I guess that is why I was drawn to it. I also love anything that taste like ice cream and the picture above looks delicious. I added all of the ingredients and whipped it in my blender.

Did you know you can use a mason jar instead of your regular pitcher attachment for your blender?

A mason jar will fit your blender

A mason jar will fit your blender


ingredients for skinny frosty

ingredients for skinny frosty



3/4 cup almond milk

about 15 ice cubes

1/2 tsp vanilla

1-2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 of a banana


I had these items on hand so I knew I wanted to try this shake.

Below is what my shake turned out like.


 knock off Frosty

knock off Frosty

My Frosty knock off tasted okay as in it was edible but not enjoyable. My skinny Wendy’s Frosty tasted more like a chocolate covered banana but it could of been because I added a bit more banana because I make shake turned out so much darker than the picture.

If I make this again I will use sweetened almond milk or some other form of sweetener. I also think 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder is to much so I would start with a teaspoon and go up from there. My shake also had little piceses of ice in it so I think it would be better with the little cube ice like from sonic so it would blend better.

Hopefully I’ll have better luck next week!

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Have you have ever tried anything from Pinterest that did not turn out the way you thought it would?

3 thoughts on “Week 1 Pin redo skinny Frosty

    • Thanks for the link! I will defiantly try again! I still love pinterest anyways :) Most of the other things I have tried have worked out so I’ll just keep pinning!

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