Pages in the Wayback Machine have been rewritten to preserve the browsing experience.  For example, when you look up the home page of in the Wayback Machine from 2005 and click a link there, we take you to that new page as we archived it in 2005 (or as close as we can find).  If we did not rewrite the links to point to archived pages, you would be bounced out of the archive to a live, current version of the page (if it still exists).  We also add code to render the navigational toolbar that you see at the top of archived pages.

If you want to view a page from the Wayback Machine that does not have all of the Wayback rewritten code in it, you can view the bare, archived page by adding “id_” to the end of the date in the URL.

Page with rewritten links and other Wayback code in it:


Page rendered exactly as it was archived:


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