Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide

ultimate guest blogging guide

The quickest way to get visitors and inlinks to your blog or site is to guest blog on popular blogs. It’s simple if you follow these steps:

Find the right blogs

The perfect blogs are the ones with high page rank, lots of visitors and lot of engagement. It must fit the niche you are in. Search for blogs by entering “top 10 [niche] blogs”, see the comments to find the engagement.Another great way is to offers to be an expert of a topic for a blog. You can build this list over time by adding blogs you think you can contribute to overtime, keep a spreadsheet or a note and add to it as you come across one.

Start the relationship

The best thing to do is to have contact and interaction with the blog before you get in contact with them, such thing as:

  1. Leaving a comment
  2. Retweet and tweet at
  3. Once a month tweet people “@Xyz, thought you might enjoy my new post, how to eat more food – bit.ly/xyzsearch site:http://zenbit.net/ “guess post by”
  4. Go to a site like Mashable – find a guest post then email them, thank them, then after a week email back and say ” I’m thinking about do the same as you did, who should I contact.”

blog post – listen to mixergy – living social interview then wrote it into guest post

Create an enticing headline

How do you find topic and headlines that work? Find the best from Copyblogger who is the top blog on copywriting. See best posts of 2011. Check for the post that receives the most comments, it means it’s being read and there’s interest in the topic. A topic might have enough posts to warrant a spin off.

Also check the Best Copywriting Headline ideas, a list of headline ideas.

The Request

send a short email subjest: Guest Post Suggion: Title Here

Dear XXXX,
Tell them you love their blog and have been reading it for XXX.
Tell them in two sentences about you and your blog.
Thank them for reading your post and say how much you’d love to see in on  XXX blog.
Best  wishes, Name
Paste the pst here. Format it as they do on their site eg.
Guest post by XXXX from XXX
and at the end
XXX is a … from… She writes about … at her blog…
Include no more than two links to your blog and/or twitter account

Make sure they are available, find out what time they are online and tweet them. Ask if they would be interested in the posts.

A good hack from Andrew of Mixergy is that he went to Mashable, ask if he got authors like Seth Godini and Time Ferris would they post it, then he went to Seth Godin and Tim Ferris and ask if they would be willing to do an interview, it will be for Mashable and they said yes. When interviewing  big names people want quotes, they want to hear it from their own words.

The Reminder

If you don’t hear back in about 2 weeks send them a reminder and think about who else want to publish it.

Those are the tips! Best of luck and add additional tips and comments below. Thanks.

Nov 2012

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