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We upgraded our infrastructure and added new servers to improve performance.


We've updated our SSL certificate.


We have a major upgrade in the works! Vendors interested in sponsoring servers should contact us.


Lavabit was built for people like you. People who want a fast, reliable, private POP3/IMAP accessible e-mail account with the most advanced features. Our team of programmers answered with a system so secure that even our administrators can’t read your e-mail. With more than 400,000 users already, it won’t be long before the name you always wanted is already taken.

The different Lavabit account plans.
Basic Account Personal Account Enhanced Account Premium Account
Storage: 128 MB 1,024 MB 1,024 MB 8,192 MB
Advertising: No Yes No No
Virus Protection: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Statistical Spam Filter: No No Yes Yes
Incoming Message Limit: 1,024 messages/day 1,024 messages/day 1,024 messages/day 8,192 messages/day
Outgoing Message Limit: 256 messages/day 256 messages/day 512 messages/day 768 messages/day
Message Size Limit: 32 MB 64 MB 64 MB 128 MB
Price: Free Free $8 year $16 year