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Presenting the premiere release of Stewart Copeland’s music score to the beloved drama/comedy television series DEAD LIKE ME, starring Ellen Munth, Mandy Patinkin, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Laura Harris and Cynthia Stevenson. Famed member of the legendary THE POLICE and acclaimed composer, Stewart Copeland, (RUMBLE FISH, WALL STREET, THE FIRST POWER, VERY BAD THINGS) finds all the joy, drama and laughs within this amazing series and fashions a music score that carries the listener through the varied emotions of this life… and the one beyond! Produced by Ford A. Thaxton and mastered by James Nelson from MGM vault elements, this release also features the Pink Martini track “Que Sera Sera” (featured in the show’s pilot episode) and includes in-depth liner notes on the show and its music by writer Randall D. Larson. Limited Edition of 3000 Units.


  1. DEAD LIKE ME - Main Title 1:03


  1. Frogs Bounce 4:26
  2. Bank Montage 4:23
  3. Visit Mom 3:11


  1. Suite from "Reaping Havoc" 1:57
  2. “Dead Like Me Pilot”
    - Fall To Earth
    (Alternate Opening) 1:37
  3. Suite from "A Cook" 2:12

Suite from "Rest In Peace"

  1. Part I 3:22
  2. Part II 0:55
  3. Part III 2:08
  4. Part IV 2:26
  5. Part V 1:41

    SEASON #2
    Suite from "The Ledger"
  6. Part I 2:13
  7. \Part II 2:33
    Suite from "Ghost Story"
  8. Part I 7:59
  9. Part II 1:00
    Suite from "The Escape Artist"
  10. Part I 2:56
  11. Part II 2:11
    Suite from "Be Still My Heart"
  12. Part I 3:23
  13. Part II 2:49
  14. Suite from "Always" 4:50
  15. Suite from "Haunted" 7:44


  1. Que Sera Sera* 4:10
    Performed by Pink Martini
    Written by Raymond Evans and Jay Livingston
    Courtesy of Heinz Records

Total Time: 71:09
All tracks published by United Lion Music, Inc. BMI
except * - Track 23
published by Jay Livingston Music Inc. ASCAP


LLLCD 1132


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