Alex Ketzer – Falling Off Remixes – Noorden / Leg Spin

July 12, 2013

Almost one year after Alex Ketzer released his “Falling Off” EP on Tape, Noorden’s brand new vinyl spin-off “Leg Spin” launches with a 4-track remix EP to breathe a new lease of life into the original release.

The A-side contains the marvellous Lab Matix Reshape of “Remember The Time” that takes you on a space voyage into the abyss. Distant grooves and moving dub-like drums blend with a discursive vocal to create an encouraging start to this EP.

The second track on this side is Baumfreund’s remix of “Falling Off”. The driving nature to the drums and bass propel the track forward while some compelling chords run side by side with the original sampled vocals as if to pay a homage to the mastery of the first piece.

The flip side kicks off with maryLA’s “Get Away” remix. It has a similar impact to warm sunbeams after a deathly long winter – eliciting feelings of joy and pleasure that were previously forgotten. It has the refreshing combination of sounding wonderfully analogue but not in the slightest outdated.

To complete this release Wenzel consecrates himself with his conversion of “For Your Love”, a formerly slow track which is reworked into a more uptempo well-rounded dancefloor version.

Altogether, the first Leg Spin release is a formidable start for the label who join a number of other Cologne based teams that are proving this city’s music scene doesn’t rank behind the likes of London, Chicago and Detroit.


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