Who are we? Nerds. Student Nerds.


SellMyOldTech sponsoring TerpThon where we raised over $500 for sick children!

     As tech lovers, we always wondered what happened to people’s tech when they upgraded to new devices. But then we came to the realization that not only do most people have their old stuff, it just sits around! Or even worse, it gets thrown away and goes into some mystery landfill that damages the environment. A UMD student who studies economics and environmental science had the perfect solution: SellMyOldTech.

     Why throw it away when someone else in another country would love to use your device? Even if it is broken, we can erase it and then use it for parts to make sure someone else enjoys the device just as much as you did. So why are we so passionate about this? Because gadgets are awesome. And that is why we do what we do.