• Are you META smart ?

    If you work with digital photos, you need to be.
    Embed standard metadata in every image file – and ensure it’s preserved when you distribute, license, share and archive these files – to better protect your copyrights, improve your workflow, and manage your digital assets.

    Learn more about SAA's Photo Metadata Project and how we're planning to help ... more

Open Resources

  • cover-image of the latest KEYWORDS magazine issue


    is SAA's Guide
    to the Business
    of Stock

    This free ezine features
    50 pages of definitions, insights, resources and visual inspiration from SAA members who share their knowledge about all aspects of
    the industry. ...more

    Model and Property Releases are essential tools.
    SAA provides a Q+A and points you to release forms that you can use to enhance the marketability of your stock images. ...more

    image of the SAA PLUS™Packs Calculator





    Rights Managed licensing is fast
    and easy with PLUS Packs. 

    SAA supports this global standard for streamlined, easily automated RM with our development of this open-source software tool. SAA's Calculator automates selection and pricing of PLUS Packs™ on one screen, with just a few clicks. ...more


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