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Welcome to Missions2Ukraine, the home of John & Cathy O'Brien. We are church-planting Baptist missionaries serving in the Eastern European country of Ukraine. We encourage you to browse the different sections - beginning with Contents, especially the photo library of our ministry here in Kharkov, Ukraine. Ladies - don't forget Cathy's Corner, where you can see what she's cooking in her Internet kitchen!

Our Mission

God has sent us to eastern Ukraine as church-planting Baptist missionaries. As we work in Ukraine's second largest city, filled with more than 2 million souls, we must overcome 70+ years of atheistic communism and the Satanic stranglehold of religion. By God's grace, we are birthing Christ-honoring Indigenous, autonomous Independent Baptist churches and training Ukrainian Believers to be the future leaders. We believe in, preach about, and practice the doctrine of the local church.

Contact Us

We invite you to correspond with us - we'd love to hear from you (Prov 25:25). The fastest, and easiest, is through one of the email addresses listed below. You are also free to call us on the telephone (remember we're +7 hours ahead of Eastern Time. "Care-about-you" packages can be sent to the home address below. We highly recommend you using LVIV EXPRESS. Letters and postcards are greatly appreciated, and can be sent to the mailbox address below.

Our Telephone
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