The Albéniz Cinema in Girona and the Arinco Cinema in Palamós are the first in Spain to deploy Sony’s CineAlta 4K PDF Imprimir E-mail

Published in:, 22 September 2009

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First Installation of Sony’s 4K Projectors in Spain

The Albéniz Cinema in Girona and the Arinco Cinema in Palamós are the first in Spain to deploy Sony’s CineAlta 4K digital cinema projection system

Sony’s 4K digital cinema projection technology can now be experienced at two Spanish cinemas - the Albéniz in Girona, and the Arinco in Palamós. These are the first screens in Spain to have migrated to Sony’s 4K high resolution (4096x2160) digital projection system, in addition to being prepared for 3D projection using the RealD system. The first film to be shown using this technology was the recently-released “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

Vircas Europe S.L., an official D-Cinema specialist dealer for Sony, was responsible for installing the company’s SRX-R220 digital cinema projectors. This system, with 21.000 ANSI lumens based upon SXRD™ technology, can display 4K content on screens up to 20 metres wide, giving cinema-goers the best viewing experience available today.

Designed to meet the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) specifications, the SRX-R220 comes in a new projector housing designed specifically to meet FIPS 140-2 security requirements. The projectors were supplied with Sony’s LMT-200 Media Block, built into the same housing, which has all the elements needed to receive, decode and reproduce digital content, along with LSM-100/SMS Server screen management system software.

The Albéniz and Arinco cinemas have joined the ever-expanding group of theatres across Europe and the United States that have already made the move across to Sony’s 4K digital cinema. For example, the Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Entertainment, two of the largest chains in America, have installed Sony systems in all of their cinemas, over 11,000 in total, making this the largest scale deployment of 4K technology to date.

With regards to the European market, several agreements have recently been put in place, including one signed with the Apollo cinema chain in the UK, which will install 83 of Sony’s CineAlta 4K digital cinema projectors, and with the German chain CinemaxX, which will also install 56 of these ultra-high resolution projectors. These cinemas will therefore become pioneers in wholly digitalised installations using Sony 4K technology, making them the most innovative names in their respective countries.

Sony’s state-of-the-art 4K projection produce ultra-high levels of resolution, contrast and picture quality. With 8.8 million pixels, Sony 4K technology offers images that are four times the resolution of 2K and just over four times that of HD.