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Publicado en: 4K Digital Cinema Magazine, summer 2009.

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Spanish dealers push 4K

3D drives market growth for Sony projection systems

The dealer network for SXRD 4K continues to grow in Europe, with the addition of two new dealers in Spain. Kelonik and Vircas Europe join the existing European network of SXRD 4K dealers in Norway, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria.

Both Kelonik and Vircas Europe see the potential of Sony’s new 3D capability on the future-proofed 4K projection system. Spain has around 3,500 commercial cinema screens; so far, just over 100 have installed digital technology.

Kelonik has been in the commercial cinema business for over thirty years and equips cinemas in Spain, Portugal, Russia and Brazil. From its base in Barcelona, it’s the largest Spanish cinema installation company. “We didn’t need to decide what to go with,” says the company’s Director General, Tomas Naranjo. “Sony has developed the best resolution solution in the market, with the option to show 3D.”

Vircas Europe is a young company that distributes content as well as installing digital technology. It has already agreed deals to install the Sony 4K projection system into 52 screens in the Catalonian region of Spain and is talking to a number of other cinema operators in the North of the country. Its first Sony 4K installation was for Albeniz Cinema in Girona. It has since contracted to install 4K at the Arinco and Kyton cinemas in Palamos, as well as JCA Cinema in Alpicat and Valls and Roses Cinema in Roses. Josep Guirao, CEO of Vircas Europe, who was a film maker before joining the company, describes the 4K image as “the best quality I’ve ever seen, like having a 70mm movie with all the high tech requirements of the 21st century.”