To The Moon Game Review

May 21, 2013 in Indie, PC, RPG

An RPG enriched with a story that will hook you in while accompanied by beautiful soundtrack. If you’re into story driven games and are a fan of the classic JRPGs such as: Chrono Trigger, Lunar, old Final Fantasy series, etc., this is a must play!

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To The Moon

An Indie RPG Review Developed By: Freebird Games

To The Moon

To The Moon

Shoutout of Gratitude: Being the poor college student, I wasn’t able to afford the game so I had it on my wishlist. I was surprised when I found this game in my gift section 3 days later from one of my readers! :) Thank you Riven! *hug*

What got me interested: Those of you who were already RPG gamers during late 80′s to early and late 90′s might be able to relate with me when I say that presently, there aren’t many RPGs  that are on par with the RPGs back in the day of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Lunar, Legend of Legaia, Final Fantasy Series (before they tried too hard), Legend of the Dragoon, Man! I can keep going. I’ve actually stopped hunting for RPGs for a long long time, of course, I occasionally find good ones, but still, I miss the days where I wouldn’t stop playing until I finish the game because I’m so captivated by the story and I just HAVE to know what happens next until I reach the end! AKA Hermit Mode which basically means I don’t sleep, I’ll only get out of my room to eat and for bathroom breaks, then keep telling myself I’ll shower after an hour only to find out it’s already the next day (don’t judge me ya’ll are gamers, you went through this!). My point is, I haven’t been hermit mode over an RPG in a long time and since it made my childhood awesome, it makes me sad. So when I saw this game and read the description, the strong curiosity I felt sparked something in my heart again.


First Impression and Gameplay

This game had many qualities that gave a sense of nostalgia. It kept making me think how this game was like my favorite JRPGs I used to play. It’s not even because of how the game looks, and story wise, it’s not really like the old games that I loved. I guess the best way to describe it is by saying the game exudes a classic jrpg feeling. The classics that gave our childhood some awesome and memorable gaming experience in terms of story and depth. Personally, for me to feel those things towards a game again, it made me smile and really look forward to getting deeper into the game. For me, it’s a whole new adventure yet at the same time, in a way, it’s also a beloved familiar territory so to speak (if that makes sense).

Artstyle and Music

Graphically it has 2D sprite artstyle  similar to Chrono Trigger. The game also has a beautiful soundtrack, especially the piano pieces which I really love. The music also really brought out the emotions during certain scenes. Drats, I really want to use this one scene as an example but it can be a spoiler!


The game started in a funny note, in the beginning however, I didn’t exactly know if the game was fantasy or  sci-fi until a little bit later. Here’s the plot in a nutshell: There are two main characters and their job is to grant the wishes of the dying by going into their memory. The wishes can be anything such as: being a famous celebrity, being rich, etc. However, before they can grant it, as well as to see if it’s possible; they have to go through the memories of the person. This is where your adventure starts off. I won’t give anymore detail so that no spoilers will be told, but let me assure you, it really is an interesting concept. Also, I found myself really gripped by the story as I progressed into the game. The game kept poking my curiosity by  throwing me scenarios where it constantly made me ask myself, “why did that happen? what does it mean?” and all that jazz. However, I started to have a creeping feeling, that even though there were a lot of funny scenes in the story, the game will eventually throw something at me that would make me feel…well, I’ll leave it for you guys to find out. Great story though that’s for sure.

I'm diggin that "timeline tracker" up top.

I’m diggin that “timeline tracker” up top.

Story Branching

The game’s storyline doesn’t have branches or different paths/ending like, let’s say, the game Chrono Cross. So even if you choose differently, in the end, you’ll get the same conclusion. I’m writing about this because I know many of you guys like this kind of thing (especially after mass effect and dragon age popularized it) and I’ve seen people snub games for simply lacking this. I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing if the story is great. I mean there are many RPGs out there that were set up this way and it did not ruin the game one bit and it’s still replayable. At the end of the day, with games like this, it’s all about the story so I hope the “no branching” doesn’t make you turn away from the game because you’d be missing out on a wonderful story.

Decisions: It would be wise to save

As I mentioned, the game doesn’t branch, but still, it would be wise to save before you make a decision.  Sometimes the option you choose will direct you to certain “mini” quests which can show you some funny scenes as well as other interesting ones . Sometimes it just show you some witty dialogue and redirect you to the “right” option. Either way it’s best to save so you won’t miss out on some interesting scenes and clues.

Save before you choose! You might miss out on some interesting things

Save before you choose! You might miss out on some funny events

Characters and Dialogue

I really love the main characters in the game because they’re impressionable, even the NPCs were as well. I think you guys know what I mean by this. We sometimes see NPCs and even “key” characters receive very bland personas that you eventually even forget they were in the game. It’s understandable of course, because in a way they’re like “filler” characters and sometimes games like to focus only on the mains. Here, there were many characters that I only got to interact with for very little time and I still remember my interaction with them. This may be something subtle and may not even be a big deal to other people but I think it gives the game more depth. The two main characters are:

Dr. Rosalene:

She’s bossy but the most sensitive towards other people’s feelings between the two (except towards Dr. Watt’s feelings which I don’t blame her for)

She's helping contribute to future tooth decay for the kiddies

She’s helping contribute to future tooth decay for the kiddies

Dr. Watts:

The complaining and smart ass one that makes me want to pimp slap him sometimes (like I said, I don’t blame Dr. Roselene)

This dude complains a LOT

This dude complains a LOT

I love seeing those two banter because they say the funniest things. The game does have witty and humorous dialogue which you readers might enjoy. That’s why I mentioned for you all to save before making decisions otherwise you may end up missing out on seeing scenes with entertaining dialogues. I especially like this one:

And I thought I was the only one that loves IKEA furnature

And I thought I was the only one that loves IKEA furnature

“Search for clues” Type of Feature

The game has a “search for clues” feature where you basically run around trying to find the items you need in order to progress in the game.

Final Verdict

I think To The Moon is one of those RPGs that I can consider a gem. I finally checked out what others are saying about the game, and I found many of them thanking the developers for bringing them this game! Even though I mentioned the game makes me feel nostalgic of the old favorites I used to play, it’s still a unique experience and can stand on its own in terms of story and the emotions this game brings to the players. Along with characters that brings a good sense of balance in terms of humor and witty dialogue, this is a game I really would recommend for everyone.


Steam and $9.99

Origins: $11.99

(I don’t really see any significant difference why origins is more expensive. I thought it may be because it has the soundtrack, but it doesn’t say on the “features” section)

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