The landing page is one of the most crucial parts of the website. All the investments that you have spent and the efforts you have made will go down the drain and wasted if you don’t do this part well. This is responsible in converting prospects into clients, thereby largely influencing the overall conversion rate of the site.

This is sometimes called the sales copy, and it is like a sales presentation to your prospects where you do the hard sell. You have already done a good job on pre-selling to your prospects and they were already convinced to check out your site that leads them to your page. Therefore, give your visitors what they came for by going direct to the point.

Creating a sales page is not just a one-time process but it involves a series of tests to see what works well in your case. While there are plenty of best practices being shared by expert copywriters that can help you in creating a powerful sales copy, you must still have to do some tests to see if their methods apply to your case.

To create a good sales copy, it is important to keep in mind some important things to keep you on track of your objectives. Here are some tips that can serve as your guide when you build one.

Effective Tips on Creating a Powerful Landing Page

Have a goal and stay focus on it

You must first begin with the end in mind, and that is usually to convert prospects into buying customers. Therefore, stay focus on convincing your viewers to push the buy button.

Highlight the salient features and their corresponding benefits

List down in bullet points the important features to properly highlight them to you

landing page

r prospects. If there are features that need further explanation, make a separate short paragraph or provide a link to your page that extensively discuss the feature in full details. Not all prospects may want a detailed explanation of the feature, so you might just lose their interests with your lengthy discussions.

Organize your page and divide your content into several headings

People are put off by long boring contents. Break your page into several parts and add a heading or a sub-heading in each section. This way, your page is easier for your prospects to navigate, and they can easily go to a particular section they are interested in while skipping the ones that have no bearing to them.

Add some space

Don’t squeeze everything in one page like a garbage can full of trash. Some people may call it a squeeze page just because of that. It may work sometimes, but in many cases people gets confused that they ended up not buying at all. It is like doing a sales presentation and you do a lot of talking without even pausing for awhile to give your prospects some time to think. Adding some empty white spaces in between sections will allow your prospects to stop for a moment and think if they want to directly push the buy button, or to proceed further in reading more contents for clarification and better understanding on your offers.

Add testimonials to your  landing page

To back your presentation, include some testimonials and feedbacks of your clients in the sales page. Post the positive ratings, as well as a few of the negative ones to provide a better perspective among your prospects with regards to your offers. Sales copies with testimonials convert better compared to pages without feedbacks. But you will experience better conversion if your offers are recommended by a popular personality or by a highly-respected person in the community. So, if you know someone with good reputation, give the person a product sample or a review copy in exchange for a short testimonial.

Test and continue testing

Some strategies may be effective under certain circumstances. So if a so-called expert copywriter recommends some strategies, don’t hesitate to try new methods to find out if they work well on your site. There is no success recipe that is very effective for all, success is a case-to-case basis depending on your product or service offers, as well as the type of audience you are positioning your products to. For some, adding photos and videos tremendously increases the conversion, but there are also instances that they don’t matter at all. You, therefore, need to find that out for yourself by keep on testing and tweaking your sales page.

This leads to another challenge, and that is how to test the sales copy. Outlined below are some aspects of the site that you have to regularly test to evaluate their effectiveness in converting visitors to clients.

The content – this is one of the major aspects of the page. Check the content if they are appealing enough. Look at it from the point of view of a client and try to assess if the presentation convinces you to buy the products or avail of the services.

When evaluating the content, it is best to look at the offsite articles that funnel traffic to your site. Make sure that the content in your sales page delivers the promises made in the articles that send the visitors to your website.

The colors – it may be hard to believe but the colors can affect the emotion and behavior of the prospects. Even the color of the ‘buy’ button can make a notable difference to the conversion rate of the site. A study showed that blue ‘buy’ buttons are better than red.

Graphics – just like colors, the graphics in your sales copy also matter a lot. Make it simple, without grabbing too much attention away from your content.

While the above tips can help you create a powerful sales copy; but as mentioned earlier, you still need to find out if they are applicable to your target market. Nevertheless, be creative and innovate to make your landing page unique and powerful, and you will soon be rewarded with a good conversion rate for all the efforts you have made.


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