Hamburg Passenger List - 1872

In 1993 the Family History Library staff and missionaries made an index to the Hamburg Passenger Lists for the year 1872, supervised by Sonja Nishimoto. This was one of the years with especially high number of German emigrants leaving. Indexing the passenger lists for 1872 was a trial project to see how much time and effort it would take. Although they finished the project, they decided not to continue the project at that time.

The resulting index was printed and bound into four volumes, which can be found at the Family History Library (FHL book 943.515/H1 W39h, film 1183696 Items 3-6). Since this index is only available to those who know about it or those who happen across it at the library, it is not used as much as it could be. It is hoped that by putting it on this site, it will become more accessible to more people.

This index is compiled from four microfilms of original Hamburg Passenger lists for the year 1872, including both the direct (traveling directly to the destination) and indirect (traveling by way of England or another port) lists. Because of complications in interpretation, it was decided not to include the place of origin in this index, however that information is available on the passenger lists. If you find your ancestor in this list, you should find the nearest Family History Center and order copies of the original index on microfilm to identify the town. The film numbers to order are as follows (and the page numbers are in the index):


Abbreviation Film Number Film Contents
A FHL film 0,472,903 Direct List from Jan-Jun 1872
B FHL film 0,472,904 Direct List from Jul-Dec 1872
C FHL film 1,049,012 Indirect List from Mar-Jul 1872
D FHL film 1,049,013 Indirect List from Aug-Dec 1872

In order to find the place of origin of your ancestor, you must go to the film indicated and turn to the page listed in the last column of this index. On the film the place of origin is listed in the column marked "Geburtsort". Use a gazetteer to interpret the place name and determine the state or province or country it is in. Since the vital records in Europe were compiled by the churches, it is also of great importance that you know your ancestor's religion and determine the parish which had jurisdiction over the specific locality found in the passenger list. 

Since this index is so large and from experience with the gazetteers, how it slows down the whole system to have such large files, I have tried breaking this file up into several parts alphabetically by surname. Perhaps this still isn't broken down far enough but I'll give it a try and see how it works. Following are the links to these files. Choose the one your surname falls into:

Aa-Ah G-Gan Kar-Kat N-Neg Schroeder, L-Schue
Ai-Am Gar-Geh Kau-Kel Neh-Neul Schuf-Schultz, E.
An-Ap Gei-Gen Kem-Kie Neum-Nief Schultz, F.-Schulz, F.
Ar-Az Geo-Gf Kig-Kj Nieh-Niel Schulz, G.-Schv
Baa-Bat Gh-Glar Kl-Klein Niem-Nol Schw
Bau-Bech Glas-God Kleinb-Klo Nom-Ny Sci-Sei
Beck-Behn Goe-Goldl Klu-Kni O-Og Sel-Sez
Beho-Ben Goldm-Gor Kno-Kob Oh-Ol Sh-Sik
Ber-Berr Gos-Grae Koc-Koeh Om-Oz Sil-Slo
Bers-Bier Graf-Greg Koek-Koh P-Pap Slu-Son
Bies-Bla Greh-Gril Koj-Kopl Par-Paz Soo-Spi
Ble-Bod Grim-Gros Kopp-Kosz Pe-Per Spl-Stam
Boe-Bom Grot-Grz Kot-Kram Pes-Petersen C. Stan-Steg
Bon-Box Gs-Gum Kran-Kraz Petersen D.-Petz Steh-Stel
Boy-Braum Gun-Gz Kre-Kri Peu-Pil Stem-Stof
Braun-Bri H-Hac Kro Pim-Pog Stoh-Stre
Bro-Brun Had-Hah Kru-Krum Poh-Por Stri-Stus
Brus-Bul Hai-Ham Krun-Kue Pos-Pri Stut-Sz
Bum-Bz Han-HansenG Kuf-Kunt Pro-Pz T-Tep
Ca-Ce HansenH-Hanz Kunz-Kz Q Ter-The
Ch Hap-Hars L-Lam R-Raf Thi-Thom
Ci-Cz Hart-Has Lan-Lang Rag-Rask Thon-Tob
Daa-Dam Hat-Hec Lani-Lau Rasm-Reb Toc-Tra
Dan-Dch Hed-Heim Lav-Lei Rec-Reie Tre-Ty
De-Del Hein-Hej Lek-Ler Reif-Rej U
Dem-Dev Hel-Hem Les-Lew Rek-Rez V-Vi
Dew-Dies Hen-Hep Lex-Lim Rh-Riek Vo-Volk
Diet-Dod Her Lin-Lip Riem-Roc Voll-Vu
Doe-Dom Hes-Hif Lir-Lop Rod-Rog W-Wag
Don-Dra Hil-Hins Lor-Luc Roh-Rop Wah-Walt
Dre-Dru Hint-Hj Lud-Lz Ror-Rose Walz-Waz
Du-Dz Hob-Hoffh M-Mah Rosf-Row We-Weg
Ea-Ed Hoffm-Hofs Mai-Man Roy-Ruh Weh-Weir
Ee-Eh Hog-Holw Mar-Mars Rui-Rz Weis-Wendl
Ei-El Holz-Horn Mart-Masz S-Sanc Wendo-Wern
Em-En Horo-Hub Mat-Mau Sand-Schad Werr-Wich
Ep-Ez Huc-Hz Maw-Meil Schae-Schap Wick-Wier
Fa I Mein-Meo Schar-Schem Wies-Wilh
Feb-Fen J-Jad Mer-Mew Schen-Schil Wilk-Wini
Fer-Fin Jae-Jan Mey-Mez Schim-Schle Wink-Wits
Fir-Foy Jap-Jenr Mi-Mik Schli-Schmic Witt-Wob
Fl-Foy Jens-Jenz Mil-Mod Schmid-Schmidt, F. Woc-Wolf, H.
Fraa-Fran Jep-Jog Moel-Moh Schmidt, G.-Schmidtke Wolf, I.-Wolz
Fras-Frey Joh-Jor Moi-Mor Schmie-Schneider, F. Won-Wz
Frib-Frie Jos-Jut Mos-MuellerF Schneider, G.-Schoen X-Y
Frii-Fro K-Kak MuellerG-Muellers Schoep-Schre Z-Zel
Fru-Fu Kal-Kap Muen-My Schri-Schroeder, J. Zem-Zimm



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