Let's talk data

Karma lets you pay-as-you-go. 1GB for $14. That's it.

Everyone throws gigabytes and megabytes around, but what do they really mean?
The average person uses only 500MB, per device, per month. That’s just half a gig! 1 gig lets you:

  • Send/receive 500 emails. With 2MB attachments!

  • Watch 50 four-minute high-quality video clips.

  • Listen to 8 hours of high-quality streamed music.

  • Check out over 1000 webpages on your favorite site.

Simple pricing. Honest billing. No contracts. No expiration. No strings attached.

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Common Questions

Does my data expire?

Nope. Data stays stored in your account. No expiration. No extra costs. It's the crazy idea that data is yours to do with it as you please.

Do I pay for other people?

Never. Anyone can connect to your hotspot and get online. They'll always pay their own way, using just your connection and not your data.

Do I need a subscription?

Absolutely not! With Karma, you always pay-as-you-go. We'll alert you when you're almost out of data and confirm before you pay. Simple.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, of course. With Karma, you'll never have any contracts or commitments. Before you go, let us know what's up. We're here to help!