10 reasons to get fired.

High absenteeism rate / Being late often

During your time working for a company, they own your time that you are on staff (except for time off). It is not a good sign in the eye of your employer to take every minute of sick time you have gained. That's just one issue dealing with employees not coming to work. When you are scheduled to work - you work that shift and the entire shift. Never be late and never not go to work without an excuse. Many companies have policies that are signed at employment that state if you are late / absent for 3 workdays, you are out.

Performing your tasks slowly and with errors

You need to invest your time into your job, and perform well. Being sloppy and inefficient won't cut it. If you are the type of employee that is always asked to redo their work over and over, expect to get fired if you cannot turn that around.

You also need to get your work done in a timely manner without errors. Slow work with a high error rate may not be the employee fault, you may be placed in the wrong job - this is where you seek advice.

Unable to do your assigned tasks

Employees can convince employers through their interview and make an impressive resume. Anyone can state that they can do a task to get a job - but can you prove it? Being caught unable to perform duties on the job can lead to being fired unless you learn those skills quickly. Some tasks require a certification or license, and not having these after you state you have it is fraudulent as well.

Inconsistent and unreliable work behaviors

You must perform at your best level every day at your job. Employees can have their off days but this can never be every day. Your output to the company should always benefit it. This means your behaviors and productivity must be stable and consistent. If your ups and downs interfere with your productivity, you may be asked to contact Employee Assistance Programs .

Refusing to follow directions and orders

Figure this out. Your boss tells you to perform a task and you refuse, do this multiple times and you're looking for a new job. While you are getting paid, the company owns your working time, and you must follow your bosses / supervisors orders. Now, you do have the ability to propose a new idea but you must go use the right channels to do so.

Now, if you are asked to do something illegal, unethical or immoral you need to take stand in a professional manner.

Unable to get along with others

The term Social IQ (sometimes EQ) may have an effect on your ability to get along. While some people are loners and others sociopathic - you must learn to be civil. Mental and personality disorders will alter this.

If it goes noticed that you are unable to get along with employees (arguments, fights, etc) management can move you and then fire you. It reflects poorly on the company and creates a hostile work environment.

Drug and Alcohol abuse

Abuse of drinking and doing drugs leads to inconsistent work, errors, having accidents and poor interpersonal work ethics, as well as high absenteeism. They also lower morale, reflect poorly on the company and many other negatives'.

Doing drugs and drinking on the job may result in instant termination as well.

Being dishonest, Espionage and Theft

Whenever you are at your place of employment (on the clock or not) you are being judged. It is most important that you are straight forward with yourself, your job, your co workers and your managers. However, knowing this you must also realize that what you do and say at all times can affect your employment. Your company's proprietary information must be protected - and if you happen to blurt this information out you can get fired for reasonable cause. These items include copyrighted and trademarked materials, company manuals, information on new projects and services, and inventions. The purpose for termination here can be espionage and company theft.

Theft can also relate to false time sheets and expense reports, use of company materials and equipment and inappropriate use of company time. All time sheets and expense reports must be 100% accurate or your "cooking the books" - embezzling. Try not to use company materials and equipment for person or outside use. For example using the copier at work to promote your garage sale. Some employers may allow this from time to time but be sure to ask for approval, as this build trust as well. Inappropriate use of company time can include personal talk time on phones, internet surfing, face book and MySpace . These activities in the long run can get you fired.

Personal business at work

This goes with theft but I want to stress on it again. Misusing company resources (internet, office supplies and equipment) for personal use can lead to termination. In addition idle conversations with co workers means non business time, costing the company time and money.

Brief history lesson of the evolution of the work environment from the 1960s. Back then factories would allow zero conservation between employees and especially employee to management. During the 80s and early 90s this strict "only work - not talk" policy loosened up. Then when companies figured out idle talk cost time, they began to lay off the talkers. Currently, the company and their polices dictate what not to do. Many small organization where your boss maybe someone you went to school with will be more relax. but understand the policies!

Lying on your resume

Resumes are seen as legal documents of your experience, skills and background. If any of this material is proven false, you're out! First let's start with references, increasingly employers are checking every reference listed. Make sure your references are traceable, reachable and not dead. Understand that even after you got the job, your references may still be under review.

History, experience and skills. Be sure to list everything you know how to do (that benefits the job) and no false information. If you list that you can perform a task and later on you prove that you cannot - you lied. If your references check out to be fraudulent (you didn't work for a company or go to that college) you can be fired for fraud.