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Maximizing the True Worth of Sponsorships

Maximizing the True Worth of Sponsorships

Sponsorships derive their value from three major sources:

  • Reach
  • Passion
  • Engagement

Many rightsholders attempt to raise the value of their sponsorship packages by building reach—adding signs, tweeting about their sponsors, etc. This is a mistake.

Although reach is a significant component of the value equation, it is also an element that many other marketing vehicles can deliver—particularly traditional advertising. Sponsorship’s real value lies in passion and engagement. And that is where properties and their sponsors should focus their efforts to obtain maximum value.

Register now for Maximizing the True Worth of Sponsorships webinar and you will take away many great examples of ways to increase passion and engagement.

Specifically, the Webinar will cover:

  • The key factors and elements that drive sponsorship value
  • How rightsholders can grow value
  • Examples of how rightsholders and sponsors have maximized their value

What you’ll receive:

  • Sophisticated, real-world sponsorship training delivered directly to you and your team
  • PDF of the PowerPoint presentation
  • Unlimited second-chance viewings during the two-week on-demand window (live Webinar attendees only)
  • Answers to your specific questions during interactive Q&A session
Bill Chipps

William Chipps, Senior Editor, IEG Sponsorship Report

Since joining IEG in 1996, Bill has covered all aspects of the sponsorship industry, uncovering and reporting on a number of key industry trends through his extensive network of contacts. IEG SR publishes IEG’s annual report and forecast of overall sponsorship spending, as well as its surveys on industry compensation and the opinions of sponsorship decision-makers.

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