The official UserPort homepage

This is the official homepage for UserPort. UserPort is a kernel mode driver for Windows NT/2000/XP that gives user mode programs access to I/O Ports. This makes it possible to access hardware directly from a normal executable in the same way as under Windows 95/98/ME. This driver does not work on Windows 95/98/ME and there is really no need to run it anyway because I/O ports are always granted to user mode programs on these operating systems.

The driver can be used for the following purposes:

UserPort releases

UserPort.zipUserPort 2.0. Full port address range support.
UserPort11.zipUserPort 1.1. Better Win2000/XP support. More source examples.
UserPort10.zipUserPort 1.0. First release


Q - Upgrading to UserPort 2.0 does not work
A - Please make sure you replaced the UserPort.sys file in your System32\Drivers folder

Q - Can I put UserPort on my web page?
A - Yes you can. Please also put a link to

Q - Can I modify your UserPort
A - Yes please go ahead. Please keep me posted on your improvments.

Q - How much does UserPort cost
A - Userport is for free for personal and commercial use

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