Sex in Islam

The illustrated book “Sex in Islam – According to Prophet Muhammad” will be released some times in the year of 2013. It explains the circumstances on how Muhammad came out with the laws regarding the position of women in Islam and Muslim society. The following are the subject matters of the book, which can still be changed before the book is published.

Sex in Islam, According to Prophet Muhammad

1. The Wives of Prophet Muhammad
i. Khadijah
ii. Aishah
iii. Zainab
iv. Hafsa
iv. Juwariyah
v. Safiya
vi. Sawda

2. The concubines of Prophet Muhammad
i. Rokhayah
ii. Mariyah Qubtiah

3. Wives Divorced
4. Niqah in Islam
5. Zinah in Islam
6. Adult Breastfeeding
6. Pedophilia in Islam
8. Poligamy in Islam
9. Hijab or Niqab
10. Sex with Prisoners of War
11. Muslima’s Sexual Obligation
12. Divorce and Remarry
13. Sex in Islamic Paradise
14. The Islamic Rape of the U.K.

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    • Thanks for the response. The e-book will be available within a month, and can be downloaded from anywhere in the world as long as the place has internet connection.

  1. Thank you for all of your work and videos, prophetmuhammadillustrated!
    Keep it up and spread the truth – my support is with you.

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