Yorkhill Easter Egg Run

Founded in 1979 by Mercury MCC.


Above : Photo of first Yorkhill Easter Egg Run in 1979, outside the City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow, awaiting the Lord Provost to give us a send off before heading to Yorkhill Hospital and Eastpark Homes .
Photo courtesy of Mr. Scott Cowan. Thank you


A brief history of the

Yorkhill Easter Egg Run

by the Mercury MCC.

The Yorkhill Easter Egg Run was founded in 1979 by members of the Mercury MCC. The run also took in Eastpark homes. When we first started the run, we met at George Square City Chambers and on one occassion we were greeted by the Lord Provost. At this time, we got a police escort every year and the run went from George Square to Yorkhill by St. Vincent Street, Argylle Street, along Dumbarton Road then up to Yorkhill. From there, we continued up Byres Road, along Queen Margaret Drive, up to Maryhill Road and into Eastpark homes. At Yorkhill, us and our bikes were allowed to come in to the forecourt and visit with some of the children while delivering our eggs  personally, usually being greeted at the door by some nurses and staff members and children. At Eastpark homes, the children looked forward to our visits because they would, if it were a nice day, be allowed to come out and sit on our motorbikes. They would get very excited at this, and it was a very special day for the dozen or so bikers who went on the run. The first few years saw only eggs being delivered, but as the event grew in popularity, espescially after being taken over by the MAG, monetary donations were also given. At some point around 10 years of us starting the run, the MAG decided to have their own Easter Egg Run to Yorkhill. This was a much bigger event than ours because they were a much bigger organization with lots more members. Because of this, we then decided it was sensible to amalgamate with the MAG, who since us joining force, had run the event until 2008. In 2009, there was for the first time since the beginning, no Easter Egg Run. The reason for this is unclear, but it has now been taken over yet again by an oranizaion called Y.E.E.R. And that so far is the history of the Easter Egg Run.

Mercury MCC Timeline : 

Mercury founded by Alan Weir and John Steel 1946   Alan Weir and John Steel
First ever 100mph lap of the IOM TT Race course 1957   Bob McIntyre
Bob McIntyre Memorial Scramble 1946 - 1967
Club closed down due to lack of members
Club re-opens  1968
First Tartan rally 1974
First Tam O' Shanter rally 1978
Moved premises from Knightswood Scout Hall to Bell's Tea Rooms at Clyde Street 1978
First Mercury magazine "The Mercury" published  1979
First Easter Egg run to Yorkhill and East Park Homes  1979
If you can fill in any missing important information regarding our history please e-mail Lori. Thanks.

A Brief History of the Mercury MCC
1946 - present day.
(65 Years and counting.)

Smashing Picture Clearly Showing MMCC Patch on Bob 's Helmet.


MMCC Special Edition 50th Anniversary Patch


Mercury MCC ... now celebrating our 65th active year...

The Club was first founded by two friends; Alan Weir and John Steel, in 1946 and was originally intended to be a sporting Club. Their success in this aim is reflected in Alan Weir's eight Scottish Scramble Championship Wins.

During those years the Club has attracted a number of notable members, but none more so than the legendary Bob McIntyre, famous for the first ever 100 mph lap of the Isle of Man TT Course. He achieved this, racing for Gilera, in the Golden Jubilee year of 1957 (also achieving the Junior/Senior "double" the same year.)  Bob's helmet - with the Mercury MCC badge he was always proud to wear - is still displayed in the Island's museum, along with other items of interest gifted by the Club



Also worthy of mention are Bob's great friend Alistair King and Continental Circus Rider Charlie Dobson, who were both long-standing members in the clubs early days.

Jim Moodie : (below right)  Holder of the 1999 standing start record at the Senior TT races.


Although famous for racing members both past and present, MMCC never actually organised a road race, despite efforts to do so by running a TT style race on the Isle of Arran. However the Club did run the first post-W.W.II Scramble in Scotland in 1946 and until 1967 staged the Bob McIntyre Memorial Scramble.

This last Scramble Meeting marked the end of an era for the Club, which with dwindling membership, closed down later the same year… But old traditions die hard and the Club re-formed within a year, now placing it's focus on motorcycle touring and rallies and even organising occasional Hill Climbs on the A83 Rest and Be Thankful road.

Most recent of our "Star" attraction is British Superbike Championship racer Jim Moodie. (above photo) Jim is still a "Life" member, but it's been a while since the Club was actively involved in racing...

The Club now celebrates motorcycling by hosting motorcycle rallies like the "Tam O' Shanter" and "Tartan" and by visiting other club's rallies/events as much as possible.  We celebrated the 50 years of MMCC's active involvement in motorcycling in 1996 and added enthusiastically to those celebrations during our "Diamond Jubilee" year in 2006...

For information on the various commemorative patches that Mercury MCC has released, click here and for info on the enormous number of Club and Rally badges that we've had made click here...



Iain Shearer :
Here's a wee photo that shows me in the club rig out.  Its me in 1957 age 16 yrs at Newton Mearns on a 197 CC DOT.
Note : Wearing club logo on jumper and helmet.


mmc05ileft : This image is a clipping from Fairfield’s the ship builders own paper and the article written by MMCC member Norrie ? ,who worked at the yard, and gives an idea of the clubs activities. 

right : An old  clipping from Motorcycle News

Both of the above clippings were kindly donated by Alan Wright ( former club member ).

 Newspaper clipping  from " The Motor Cycle " 22nd April 1954 Re :- 
Doing the 100 m.p.h. lap which had yet to be achieved by our Bob McIntyre.

Newspaper Clipping courtesy of Alan Wright Snr.


Founders of the Yorkhill Easter Egg Run.

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