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Police examine 'hate speech'

POLICE have launched an investigation into an Islamic cleric who was filmed asking that Hindus and Buddhists be counted and killed during a sermon in Adelaide.

South Australian police will examine the 36-minute sermon, delivered by Sheik Sharif Hussein in March to determine whether charges should be laid.

Peter van Onselen

'These results confirm that Rudd is a campaign asset for Labor only in so far as he is not Julia Gillard'

BOTH major party leaders improved their net satisfaction ratings in yesterday's Newspoll. However, both remain in negative territory.

Judith Sloan

'The best small business policy is to provide an environment in which entrepreneurial activity can succeed'

LABOR is struggling to woo a segment its policies have punished for six years.

Gary Johns

'After six years and $250 billion of waste, an apology would be nice'

AFTER six years and $250 billion of waste, an apology would be nice.

Nick Cater

'The use of an international covenant to trump acts passed by a democratic parliament would seem impertinent'

ALLOWING an international covenant to trump acts of parliament is anti-democratic.

David Robertson

'It is somewhat surprising that the major parties have been close to silent on school education'

THE major parties should agree to not increase the compliance burden on schools.

Cassandra Goldie

'If unemployment continues to rise, solutions will cost money but Australia cannot afford to turn its back'

BOOT camp is not the answer to helping the long-term jobless find work.


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