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  • nomoresongs

    I really liked your Shout on Dylan's Stuck Down Here On Mobile and, looking at your charts, I see you speak with real authority! Personally I love Phil Ochs as well and would strongly recommend you listen to him, a less known contemporary of Bob's.

    17 Mar 8:43pm Reply
  • Tron1276

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but thank you Jacek! ...lately I've really been obsessed with (Harry) Nilsson. Fantastic stuff, started with 'Aerial Ballet' and have totally dug everything else by him; and now I'm just getting into Randy Newman because of the lovely 'Nilsson Sings Newman' LP they did together... -As for others, I'd have to think for a bit to get some good stuff for ya, but I'll get back to you with more. Cheers!

    24 Jan 10:14pm Reply
  • ralfsu

    I wish I'd used the Chocobo Method and listened to him chronologically though. I'll get around to hearing all of them of course, although a lot of his albums seem like minor works. In a sadistic turn of events I've also become addicted to Taylor Swift. What an interesting way to kick off the new year...

    24 Jan 12:31am Reply
  • foxyluva

    Hmmm. That's a tough one. I would have to go with 10. The Chambers Brothers - Live in Concert on Mars 9. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà vu 8. The Isley Brothers - Between the Sheets 7. Neil Young - Broken Arrow 6. Earth, Wind & Fire - All 'n All 5. The Sweet Inspirations - Estelle, Myrna and Sylvia 4. Neko Case - Furnace Room Lullabye 3. The Beach Boys - Sunflower 2. The Temptations - Gettin' Ready 1. Lisa Marie Presley - Storm & Grace - Hope that helps!

    12 Jan 4:32am Reply
  • ralfsu

    Just wanted to give you a heads up about a Grateful Dead related documentary that just came out - Happy New Year too!

    7 Jan 9:10am Reply
  • right33

    stadium shows are crowded and difficult to hear/see, but they're definitely a dying breed. anyways, you got it, awesome charts pal!

    6 Jan 8:38pm Reply
  • right33

    i don't know how you feel about concerts, but i;d really suggest seeing FM on this tour. all signs are pointing to their last, and things are looking shaky, management wise, now to even complete this one

    6 Jan 7:56pm Reply
  • Metamorphic_

    Thank you. Yes, I'm sure I will find a lot to like! Am I right in thinking that he worked more with other studio musicians on the 70s albums? - it gives the albums are more group/band feel, which I really enjoy. Not that I don't enjoy the raw solo albums of the 60s =)

    5 Jan 10:18pm Reply
  • Metamorphic_

    That is very admirable the way you have approached Dylan, chronologically. I've been skipping and jumping, from one decade to another heh. I see that your list is very heavily 70s Dylan, that is an era I am looking forward to exploring more =)

    5 Jan 8:33pm Reply
  • Metamorphic_

    Whats your top 10 Dylan tracks? of all time from all his albums. hard question I know, but I am curious =D

    5 Jan 5:58pm Reply
  • richardneal

    I am enjoying it, thanks! It's a nice addition to my small Dylan collection. Hope your 2013 is off to a good start.

    4 Jan 10:31pm Reply
  • richardneal

    Sending some "Planet Waves" your way...

    4 Jan 8:07pm Reply
  • MinMusikJustNu

    Hi, Happy, New Year! Just like last year I take a trip among my lastfm-friends and looking what they have been listning to during 2012 and at the same time give tips of what I have listen to during 2012. I discovered Brandi Carlile with her album Bear Creek. And of course First Aid Kit and their The Lion's Roar. The comeback artist of the year was Iris DeMent and her Sing the Delta. / Mats

    1 Jan 12:34pm Reply
  • ralfsu

    The Dance being this live DVD / CD of a concert they did I think in 1997.

    29 Dec 2012 Reply
  • ralfsu

    Hey Jacek, I'm glad you've been enjoying the seven wonders of Fleetwood Mac, have you heard The Dance yet? It has, I think, the most beautiful rendition of Silver Springs which I know you like.

    29 Dec 2012 Reply
  • Metamorphic_

    Absolutely. People just want to worship McCartney I guess, forgetting that everyone else in the group contributed.

    27 Dec 2012 Reply
  • Metamorphic_

    Hey, great charts my friend.

    27 Dec 2012 Reply
  • King_Creole_35

    I like The Band, I just don't have any of their albums is all. Though I have only heard Music From Big Pink (which I really need to pick up sometime), so I'm not quite sure where to go from there, unless I just go in chronological order or something.

    26 Dec 2012 Reply
  • ralfsu

    Happy holidays Jacek!

    24 Dec 2012 Reply
  • ralfsu

    Yeah he's really not that well known, whatever the reason... I know Dylan worships him, Zevon's early '70s song "Accidentally Like a Martyr" has the words "Abandoned love" and "Time out of mind" , and Dylan sang a few of his songs live when he passed.

    21 Dec 2012 Reply
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