Maxthon for Windows Changelog

* Bug that might lead to version crash.
* Improved the page scrolling speed

[Main Frame]
* Skynote contents loss in some case
* In some cases, the installation may lead to skin problems
* Sidebar can not display multi-columns
* Tab width scale problem in split screen
* Needs Double click to hide the Sidebar
* When adding customize shortcuts may cause the browser unresponsive
* In some cases sidebar panel does not display smoothly
* When moving the mouse cursor, the window buttons such as minimize remain in hover status
* Certain address bar display problem
* In some cases, Download manager closes unexpectedly
* Switching account problem after pinning the sidebar extension
[Webkit Core]
* Display problem of Quick App icon
* No pop-up blocking in some websites
* The status bar always displays "loading "
* Improved Webkit stability
[Extension platform]
* Enhanced the Extension platform

New Features:
+ Support custom proxy PAC file
* Address Bar drop-down menu is faster and more responsive
* Better animation when resizing a pinned extension window
* Better animation when resizing split screens
[Main Frame]
*Fixed some issues with tab width
*Fixed display issues with Toolbar
*Fixed display issues with extension windows
*Fixed some issues that would cause tab to show incorrect web page title
*Fixed mismatched search engines icons 
*Fixed display issues with Last Session page
*Fixed display issues with extension icons
[Webkit Core]
* Fixed Address Bar spoofing security issue
* Fixed a bug that Thunder downloader fails to run
* Fixed a bug that music in extension won't stop playing after switching account
* Fixed some issues with Find feature
* Fixed some Spell Checking failures
* Fixed a bug with Quick Save Images
* Fixed display issues on WebGL pages
* Fixed an issue that long tooltips could cause the browser to freeze
* Fixed some issues with calculator keys on keyboard
* Improved the stability of Webkit
[IE Core]
* Fixed some crashes with online bank websites

New Features:
+ Touch zooming and panning in win8
+ HTML5 online/ offline operation
+ Maxthon snapshot supports win8 touch operation
+ CSS Filter GPU Acceleration
* Significantly optimized browser start-up speed 
* Smoothly typing experience in address bar
* Optimized interface loading performance
* Optimized Baidu electronic library and other webpages scrolling experience
* Optimized Magic Fill in retro mode
[Main Frame]
* Favorites bar display problems under high DPI  
* Some site icons display problems 
* Some tabs Label width problems 
*  Language display error when uninstalling the browser
[Webkit Core]
* Drag & Drop did not work in some pages
* css3 3d flip effect problems
* some add proxy failure issues
* Authentication dialog box constantly pops up when accessing some websites
* Typing Chinese issue in some flash pages
* No title when proxy authentication dialog pops up
* A bug when using overlength URL 
* Sniffer YouTube video did not work
* “Open” button changed to “Save” when uploading pictures to some pages
* Page blinking when adjusting the browser main window size
* Some video did not show floating button
* optimized FileSystem support
* Improved Webkit core stability
- See more at:

[Webkit Core] 
* Fixed memory usage does not go down after closing tabs 
* Fixed the blinking of previous page after closing tabs 
* Fixed some problems when launch the browser 
* Fixed drag and drop zipped files opening problem 
* Improved Webkit Stability 
* Updated Flash to the latest official version


New Features: 
+ Use QR code to share pages
* Optimized display effect on opening page in Quick Access 
* Optimized display of Magic Fill drop-down menu
* Optimized the sync of SkyNote
* Optimized Sidebar, Toolbar and Search box loading performance
[Main Frame]
* Fixed some interface display problems 
* Fixed Scrollbar didn't display in Favorites 
* Fixed browser proxy authentication problems on some web services
* Fixed some problems caused by locking tabs
* Enhanced the copy of a selected address bar URL

[Main Frame]

* Fixed Problems caused by the Split screen 
* Improved Magic Fill
* Fixed Night Mode related problems
* Fixed blocking rules failure 
* Enhanced Webkit Stability


+ Press Boss key to mute the page
+ Address bar Domain Highlighting
+ Developer Tools in Retro mode(IE8 and Above)
+ Underlying network module support Proxy Authentication
* Optimized the browser shut down logic when downloading a task
* Optimized Address bar Matching Logic
* Optimized page prompt dialog box Display
* Optimized HTML5 Shared Worker Characteristics Implementation
* Optimized Automatic Update
* Improved Magic Fill
[Main Frame]
* Fixed Main interface location problem when preview in the taskbar window
* Fixed Main window problems when using Dual Display
* Fixed Quick Application icon display errors
* Fixed Change the Color of Visited Links
* Fixed problem that download file is not complete but prompts the success
* Fixed the text content is garbled when Copy in download manager
* Fixed the page displays problem when logging in the page
* Fixed the alert dialogs pop up many times from the page
* Fixed the Flash game couldn't be clicked on

New Feature:
+ Customizable Mute Shortcuts

[Main frame]      
* Optimized Search Suggestions Experience of Quick Access Page
* Fixed the tag display problem
[Webkit Core]
* Some pages could not display well
* Some page popups would be blocked mistakenly
* Improved the stability of Webkit Core

[Main Frame]
* Fixed the startup speed problem in
* ‘Customize Shortcuts’ did not work well if ‘Full Screen’
* Language display problem of RSS page
* Details of Magic Fill

[Webkit Core]
* Drop-down menu display position
* It did not work correctly when Draged & Droped to open files in package 
* Improved the stability of webkit core

* Optimized memory usage
* Fixed Magic Fill not functioning correctly on some web pages
* Fixed bugs when zooming pages
* Fixed bugs on certain web pages of
* Fixed a bug that scrolling up on a page is not working on touch screens
* Fixed a bug that a download link goes to a blank page and won't close
* Improved Webkit core stability

New Features: 
+ Supported customizing global blocking rules
+ Search suggestions in the Address Bar and Quick Access page
+ Optimized the third-party cookies visiting policy with providing the related option 

* Optimized Night Mode, supporting skins changing background colors according to the page mode 
* Optimized the display mode when there were lots of tabs 
* Added GPU Acceleration Enable/Disable button 
* Added ‘Cloud Push’ in tab right-click menu 
* Improved the ‘failed’ notice of Maxthon Cloud 
[Main Frame] 
* Tool Bar icons location display problem 
[Webkit Core] 
* It could not upload files by Drag & Drop in some pages 
* Crash problem when operated the browser by touching 
* Reader Mode problem * Improved the core stability 
* Videos still played even after closed the tab 
[Maxthon Cloud] 
* LAN Transfer

New Magic Fill Updates:
+ Supported Magic Fill in Retro Mode
+ Supported saving more date besides username and password
+ Enriched General Identity content, fill in more content automatically
+ Improved the smart logic of this feature

New Feature:
+ Support Magic Fill in Retro Mode
[Main Frame]
* Problem when opened .url shortcut
* Problem caused by speechinput
* Drag & Drop did not work in some pages
* Improved the core stability

New Features: 
+ GPU Acceleration in Ultra Mode 
+ URL ad blocking in Retro Mode 
+ Popup Blocker in Retro Mode 
+ Page Mute 

* Improved the loading speed of Quick Access page 
* Optimized the display method of tab list 
* Enhanced the Cookie privacy policy 
[Main Frame] 
* Problem caused by skins 
* Problem caused by adding favorites 
* It could not use right-click menu in Download Manager 
* Problem about Lock Tab * Language switching did not work in Download Manager interface 
* Syncing feature did not work after switching account 
[Webkit Core] 
* Page kept refreshing when right-click menu popuped 
* Developer Tools window problem 
* Developer Tools right-click menu problem 
* It could not upload files to Google Cloud 
* No respond of some pages 
* Youtube page display problem 
* No respond of the browser if popuped video window 
* Attachments in some mail boxes could not be downloaded by third-party tools 
* Proxy problem 
* Print feature did not work in some pages 
* Improved the core stability [Maxthon Cloud] 
* Optimized local file cloud push

* Menu display problem in Developer Tools
* Crash problem caused by ‘Inspect Element’
* Crash problem caused by java extensions

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Skin

* Quick Tools display problem when switching Maxthon account
* MxDock: the Sidebar sometimes exited mistakenly and extensions display problem

* No reaction when clicked the applications in the SideBar and Quick Tool Bar
* Failure when uploaded files to cloud space or downloaded files from cloud space

New Features:
+ LAN Transfer in Cloud Push, supporting rapidly transferring files among devices by LAN
+ Supported cloud pushing local files when browsing local directory through Maxthon Browser

* It displayed the wrong status of the skin refresh buttons
* It did not correctly display the input method switching status in Windows 8 status bar
* It could not get the user device list after switching Maxthon account
* Sometimes it froze when input in the text-edit box of some pages
* Floated Status Bar did not display if hid the Status Bar

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Skin

* Quick Tools display problem when switching Maxthon account
* MxDock: the Sidebar sometimes exited mistakenly and extensions display problem


* Increased the page loading speed
* Optimized the memory usage
* Improved the browser stability

* The load of Sidebar and Tool Bar
* Memory usage
* Improved Maxthon Setting Center, supporting searching feature keywords there

* Could not use Smart Address Bar when opened a new tab
* Mouse Gesture validation caused by flash
* Crash problem when clicked ‘Copy as HTML’ in Developer Tool right-click menu
* Proxy setting did not update with switching Maxthon passport account

* Improved webpage loading speed
* Optimized memory usage
* Improved the browser stability

* Maxthon Cloud Browser user data did not sync when Maxthon Dock started on PC

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Dock (Supporting pin the independent SideBar to your desktop for quick visiting favorite sites and extensions)

* Improved the page load speed
* Optimized the memory usage
* Crash problem if uploaded images to Google+
* Some other crash problems
* No response of drag&drop during downloading files
* The upload status problem in Maxthon Downloader

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Dock (Supporting pin the independent SideBar to your desktop for quick visiting favorite sites and extensions.)

UI Improvement:
* Improved the interaction and UI of Maxthon Download Manager
* Potential handle leak problem
* Some crash problems and bugs
* Reduced CPU usage

* HTML5 localstorage hole
* Some bugs

UI Improvements:
* No icon problem in the browser right-click menu of Ultra Mode in XP system
* Improved the user experience

* ‘Forget password’ in login panel did not work
* Developer Tool crash problem
* Switch Browser Core Button did not work well
* Sync problem of SkyNote
* Lots of crash problems

* UI improvement

* Maxthon Download Manager could not recognize Thunder Downloader
* Tab Bar displayed incorrectly with many tabs when the window maximized
* Some crash problems
* Other bugs

* Improved lots of places and fixed lots of bugs.
* Some crash problems
* The browser would close if opened Print Preview and then exited immediately during the page loading
* One handle resource leak problem

New Features:
+ Tab list when there were too many tabs
+ Print Preview
+ ‘Go’ and ‘Show Address Bar History’ buttons in Address Bar
+ ‘Search’ button in Search Bar
+ Added ‘Check for Updates’ in ‘About’

* Improved Cloud Push
UI Improvements:
* Improved the interaction of Download Manager
* Added ‘History Button’ option in ‘Cutomize UI’
* Some crash problems
* Could not play HTML5 videos sometimes

Maxthon for iPad Version 4.0.3

1.Brand new UI design
2.+"Cloud Download"- Access your downloads on any device Maxthon Cloud Browser
3.+"Cloud Push"- Push images/text/links to any device Maxthon Cloud Browser
4.+"Cloud Tabs"- Pick up where you left off Maxthon Cloud Browser

New Feature:
+ Added sharing web content or files with friends in ‘Cloud Push’

* Some crash problems
* Could not open some pages
* Invalidation of ‘Export’ and ‘Import’ in RSS Reader
* Could not send web content to SkyNote
* Could not import files into SkyNote

New Features:
+ Cloud Push: supports sending text, images, websites/links and tabs to Mac, Android and Windows operating systems.

+ Cloud Tabs: lets you pick up where you left off by automatically syncing your tabs to Android, iOS or Mac devices.
+ Cloud Download: supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to 'My Cloud' for backup on any device.
+ Supported registering/logging in Maxthon Passport with phone numbers
* Improved the page loading speed
* Optimized the memory usage
UI Improvements:
* Brand new UI design

Maxthon for iPhone Version 4.0.0

1)Brand new UI design
2)cloud push,Cloud Download,Cloud Tabs
3)other optimizations

Maxthon for iPhone Version 1.01

[New Features]

+Optimized for iOS and iPhone 5
+Improved arrangements of search engine list
+Find in page 
+Search light lighted text in page
+New App Center
*Better keyboard support for address bar
*Improved download process(download stop when app runs background;File Sharing on iTunes) 
*Other improvements and bug fixes