This is the authorised archive of the official artofsilence website.
Do not attempt to purchase items listed on the site as all recordings are out of print.
The given addresses are no longer connected with artofsilence. To obtain items
it is recommend that you visit websites such as eBay, Amazon,, etc...
The reason that the out of date addresses are included is because the website has been restored to its last publication from 1997.
All pages appear as they did to preserve JJ Jeczalik's intention of creating "the worst website possible".
The are three changes that had to be made to the website (excluding this page).
The first being a new address, as the original is being used by someone else,
ironically displaying some art work images from the album.
The second is a header banner as all the design templates to create this site have to use one.
The third and final change is a Facebook link added into the menu page to remain faithful to the original design.