1. "s3cmd sync" is sweet, no need to use web interface for syncing directory to amazon s3.

  2. Αποτελέσματα από το εκλογικό κέντρο που ήμουν στην εφορευτική (ψήφοι, 414 συνολικά): 65 ΝΔ, 64 ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, 55 ΑΝ.ΕΛ, 46 ΠΑΣΟΚ, 32 ΔΗΜΑΡ, 16 Χ.Α.

  3. When religion is weak, it asks "Why can't we just agree 2 disagree?" When religion is strong, it slaughters all opposition.

  4. Google login just displayed "You changed your password 8 months ago" when I tried to login with my old password.

  5. Parameters are what a function is defined to receive. Arguments are what a function is called with.

  6. "If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution." - Robert Sewell

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