Merging Media 2013

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November 6th - 7th 2013
Vancouver, Canada
9:00am - 7:30pm
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Andra Sheffer

Bell Fund, IPF

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Andra Sheffer is the Executive Director of three Canadian, private Funds for film, television and digital media development and production: the Bell Fund, the Independent Production Fund and the Cogeco Program Development Fund.

Angèle Beausoleil

Agent Innovateur Inc.

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Angèle has spent the last two decades working with traditional and digital agencies, technology companies and consumer brands on identifying market trends, building new products and strategic services — to ensure companies are well positioned for the future — today.

Annika Gustafson


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With a firm leg in both the business and creative worlds, Annika Gustafson has broad experience from many years in the international film industry. At BoostHbg she was the Nordic countries’ first transmedia commissioner, before taking over as executive director.

Brian Hamilton

Omnifilm Entertainment

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Brian Hamilton is a partner and executive producer at Omnifilm Entertainment, Chair of the BC Branch of the CMPA, and a member of CMPA’s National Board. He has executive produced more than 40 television projects in both scripted and nonscripted genres, representing over 160 hours of broadcast programming since he joined Omnifilm in 1994.

Brian Seth Hurst

The Opportunity Management Co.

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Brian Seth Hurst is CEO of The Opportunity Management Company, Inc., a strategic consultancy and cross media production company that is driving the next generation of entertainment.

Brian Wideen


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Brian is Founder and COO of Vancouver based film accelerator Cinecoup. The CineCoup Film Accelerator is a disruptive model for indie filmmakers to develop, market and finance their feature films.

Caitlin Burns

Starlight Runner Entertainment

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As a Transmedia Producer and Lead Editor with Starlight Runner Entertainment, Caitlin Burns has worked on intellectual properties including: Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Fairies, and Tron Legacy for Disney, Halo for Microsoft, Happiness Factory for The Coca-Cola Company, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon and Transformers for Hasbro.

Carrie Cutforth-Young

Queen Spade Creative

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Carrie Cutforth-Young is a storyteller, a transmedia strategist and producer, and community builder. She is the lead writer on All Your Fates, a serialized novel for The Karada’s storyworld co-created with Jim Martin (Heroes, Conspiracy for Good) and Tom Liljeholm (Conspiracy for Good).

Catherine Winckler

Switch United

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Catherine Winckler is a Partner in Switch United and Creative Director of the company’s digital area of business. Switch United focuses on multi-platform solutions for movie, TV, and lifestyle related clients including Force Four Entertainment, OmniFilm, Haddock Entertainment, the NFB, Lark Productions, and Nintendo of Canada.

Christine Lim-Labossière

Merging Media Productions Inc.

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Christine Lim-Labossière is the CEO/Founder of Merging Media Productions Inc. and Founder/Executive Director of the annual Merging Media Conference. She is a passionate advocate of cross-media and a self-confessed Transmedia Evangelist.

Christopher Sandberg

The company P

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Christopher Sandberg's passion is strong scripted drama with rich audience participation. He creates broadcast shows, with games, social media and live events in a distinctly unique way. Sandberg is Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The company P.

Corrie Coe

Bell Media

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Corrie is Senior Vice-President, Independent Production for Bell Media, Canada’s largest private broadcaster, where she oversees the company’s development and independent production team. With a cross-channel and company-wide focus, she is responsible for the overall development and execution of creative content for all genres.

David Brown

YouTube, Google

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David Brown is the Strategic Partner Manager, TV and Film Content at Google. His passion is exploring innovative use of media, using technology to connect with consumers.

Djamil Kemal

Lexis Numerique

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Djamil Kemal has worked 15 years in interactive entertainment, transmedia and innovative storytelling. He brings his expertise to brands and agencies in order to go beyond classic marketing strategies to build interactive stories.

Gary Hayes

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Gary Hayes is one of the most highly respected thought leaders of Transmedia in the world. He is an award winning multi-platform producer, author, educator and Director and the Founding Director and CEO

Filipa Almeida


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Filipa Almeida is the head of community managing and online marketing at the award-winning transmedia production company beActive. She also works closely together with the developing team, assisting and advising on the company's interactive multi-platform approach.

Francesca Accinelli

Telefilm Canada

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Francesca holds the position of Director, English Market for the CMF Program Administrator at Telefilm Canada. She manages the business affairs processes for both Convergent and Experimental Programs for English Canada.

Ivan Hayden

Frostbite Pictures

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Ivan Hayden is a writer, director, and producer of award-winning web content. His 17 years experience as a successful Visual Effects Supervisor on hit TV shows such as “Supernatural” and “Lost” has given him a unique perspective on creative and production-based storytelling.

Jay Bennett

Smokebomb Entertainment

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Jay Bennett is an Emmy Award-winning transmedia creator, producer and writer with a distinct focus on creating engaging stories to attract and retain mainstream audiences across all platforms. He is currently Vice-President and Creative Director of Smokebomb Entertainment – the digital arm of the Shaftesbury.

Jay Joly


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Jay is Founder and CEO of dimeRocker and CineCoup, a groundbreaking distribution platform for Canadian filmmakers. From his first job working at a cinema on a Canadian base in Germany, J has spent two decades working in media.

Jeremy Mendes


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Jeremy Mendes is a Vancouver based artist with over 12 years experience working on interactive projects. He is currently working with the National Film board of Canada as a Creator and Interactive Producer.

Jill Golick

Ruby Skye P.I.

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Jill Golick has more than 20 years experience as a television writer and producer, working on such series as Sesame Street and Sesame Park, Instant Star, Beet Party, Kratts Creatures and Saddle Club.

Joanna Gaskell

Standard Action

+ Schedule & details

Joanna Gaskell is the writer, producer, and one of the lead actors of Standard Action, an award-winning comedy-fantasy webseries inspired by tabletop roleplaying, video games, and geeky pop culture, now heading into its third season.

Kathy Franklin

Lightstorm Entertainment

+ Schedule & details

Kathy Franklin is President, Franchise Development at James Cameron and Jon Landau’s Lightstorm Entertainment. She oversees global brand strategy and management for the Avatar franchise, partnering with 20th Century Fox to expand the reach and impact of Avatar - and its two sequels in development - across all categories and platforms.

Katrina German


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Katrina German is a Saskatchewan Gypsy and the Co-Founder of, a storytelling app that guides people through interviews and automatically stitches the video clips together into a beautiful documentary to share through social media.

Kevin Glasier

Tactica Interactive

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Kevin Glasier is the founder of Tactica Interactive and an interactive producer who creates innovative, cross-platform digital media strategies and products for television producers, broadcasters and marketers.

Lara Hoefs


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Lara Hoefs has always had a passion for making sense of the world through story and this passion has led her toward the study of people, digital culture and media as well as building a career in an industry of storytellers.

Liz Rosenthal

Power to the Pixel

+ Schedule & details

An early advocate and pioneer of cross-media storytelling, digital distribution and filmmaking, Liz is a digital film and media expert. She is the Founder and CEO of Power the Pixel in London, UK and presenter for MM2013's Masterclass.

Liz Scully

Leaping LIzards Productions

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Liz Scully, Creator, Writer, Director and Showrunner at Leaping Lizards Productions, has worked in the world of film, television and web for over 25 years, developing awarding winning programs that she has created, written, directed and produced.

Matt Toner

Zeros 2 Heroes

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Matt is the CEO of Zeros 2 Heroes, a Vancouver based digital media agency. He began work in the new media industry (when it actually was new) during the dotboom.

Michael MacMillan

Blue Ant Media

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Michael MacMillan was Chairman and CEO of Atlantis Communications (which became Alliance Atlantis) for 29 years. It owned 13 Canadian television networks and produced television series. In the early years, the company won an Oscar for its film Boys and Girls. In 2011, Michael co-founded and is CEO of Blue Ant Media.

Moyra Rodger

Magnify Digital

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Multi-­award winning producer Moyra Rodger, President and CEO of Magnify Digital has, for over 20 years, circled the globe creating prime time television, music, lifestyle and documentary programming.

Nathalie Clermont

Canada Media Fund (CMF)

+ Schedule & details

Nathalie Clermont is Director of Program Management at the Canada Media Fund. She acts as a key advisor on CMF policies and programs, ensures consistency in service standards and the application process, and ensures that file analysis is accurate, fair, and consistent, in accordance with the CMF guidelines.

Nicole Sorochan

One Net Marketing

+ Schedule & details

Nicole is an accomplished new media filmmaker, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of One Net Marketing and overseas all creative projects at the agency from web videos to ad concepts to social strategy.

Phillip Djwa

Agentic Communications

+ Schedule & details

Phillip Djwa, MFA, is the principal and creative director at Agentic Digital Media. He has worked on a wide range of film, technology and online communications projects towards promoting social change.

Prem Gill


+ Schedule & details

Prem is the Director, Content at TELUS, where she's responsible for cross-platform content curation and community. She directs the curation of TELUS' Optik TV's video on demand storefront across screens.

Rob Calder

Public Records, Secret Study

+ Schedule & details

Rob formed the creative agency, Secret Study, in 2010 - to connect brands with music in order to create meaningful experiences. Secret Study has now become a source for Talent Buying, Music Management and Supervision and consulting for companies like Telus, Astral Media, and Fairmont Hotels.

Rochelle Grayson

+ Schedule & details

Rochelle Grayson, Co-Founder of, is a consumer and digital media executive with 20 years of business, technology, and education experience. She has led and launched several innovative digital media initiatives, working with a combination of both small and large companies, as well as highly analytical and creative individuals.

Sally Catto


+ Schedule & details

Sally Catto returned to CBC English Television in June, 2012 as Executive Director, Commissioned & Scripted Programming. She oversees drama, comedy (Scripted Prime Time), children’s & certain documentary programming. Prior to her return, Sally was Executive Vice-President, Cineflix Studios.

Sara Moscowitz


+ Schedule & details

Sara Moscowitz is Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Syfy. In this role she oversees all multi-platform advertising partnerships, trade marketing and innovative revenue-driving sales opportunities.

Steve Peters

No Mimes Media

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An Emmy®-winning experience designer, Steve is a pioneering force in Alternate Reality Games and Transmedia Entertainment, is the Founder of No Mimes Media. In his previous lives he was the former VP of Experience Design at Fourth Wall Studios and a roller coaster operator.

Valerie Creighton

Canada Media Fund

+ Schedule & details

Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, Canada Media Fund, has been a cultural industry leader with more than 30 years’ experience directing some of the country’s most important organizations.

Velcrow Ripper

Fierce Love Films

+ Schedule & details

Velcrow Ripper is a Canadian Academy Award (Genie) winning filmmaker, writer,  sound designer and public speaker. He is the director of the “Fierce Love Trilogy” that includes "Occupy Love" to be screened at Merging Media 2013.

Victoria Evans

+ Schedule & details

With over a decade of media experience, Victoria's career originally stemmed from traditional media covering a multiple range of production disciplines to extensively producing digital interactive content.