Q - What are International Edition textbooks?

A - Textbook publishers sell their books worldwide and often price them based on book prices and economic conditions of the destination countries. These textbooks sold abroad are referred to "International Editions" or "Low price editions". The international edition may not include the accompanying CDs, charts or DVDs. Most importantly, the price is significantly cheaper!

Q – I am a customer located in Canada.  Can I buy international edition textbooks?

A – The publishers of international editions generally do not authorize the sale and distribution of International editions in Canada and such sale or distribution may violate the copyrights and trademarks of the publishers of such works.

Q – Why are international edition textbooks so much cheaper?

A – Publishers often offer products at a different cost internationally than domestically.  This can translate into different prices for different versions of the product.

Q – Is the content the same as U.S. editions?

A - Publishers create different versions of the same product for different locations.  The international version of a product may be the same as the U.S. version, or it may have some differences from the U.S. version.  Those differences may include book covers, ISBN, pagination etc.

Q – Will the digital content (e.g., CD or online code) that comes with an international edition work in the US [or Canada]?

A – The detail page for the book will include a disclosure if the CD, online code, or other digital content will not be accessible in the US [or Canada].

Q - How are International Editions identified?

A - Generally, the textbook will state "International Edition" or "Low price edition" on the cover or included with the publication information inside.  To make finding textbooks easier, and to show your purchasing options, booksellers on AbeBooks must clearly state that the copy they are offering is an International edition.

Q – On your site, how can I recognize international editions?

A - Booksellers are required to state in the book’s description if the textbook is an International Edition.  We have also flagged them with an "International Edition" icon in search results and on book details pages (highlighted yellow below).


Identifying an International Edition Textbook on AbeBooks



Sample Comparison Images:

A Domestic Edition textbook cover (left) and its International Edition counterpart (right)


The same page from a Domestic Edition textbook (left) and its International Edition counterpart (right)